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Based on The Mortal Instruments created by: Cassandra Clare
Developed for television by: Ed Decter


  • McG
  • Matt Hastings
  • Andy Wolk
  • Gregory Smith
  • Joe Lazarov
  • Salli Richardson
  • Mike Rohl
  • Ben Bray
  • Catriona McKenzie
  • Joshua Butler
  • Paul Wesley
  • Amanda Row


  • Todd Slavkin — co-showrunner
  • Darren Swimmer — co-showrunner
  • Michael Reisz
  • Hollie Overton
  • Y. Shireen Razack
  • Peter Binswanger
  • Allison Rymer
  • Zac Hug
  • Jamie Gorenberg
  • Taylor Mallory
  • Bryan Q. Miller[1]

Music by: Trevor Morris[2][3][4]
Executive Producers:

Production Design by: Doug McCullough[5]
Costume Design by: Shelley Mansell
Makeup Department:

  • Stefanie Terzo - hairstylist[6]

Visual Effects by:

  • Geoff Leavitt — supervising producer: vfx[7][8]
  • Philippe Thibault — visual effects supervisor (for Folks VFX)[9]


  • Darren McGuire — stunt coordinator[10]
  • Max White[11]

Location Management:

  • John Rakich - location manager

Music Department:

  • Lindsay Wolfington — music supervisor[12]
  • Jack Wall[3][4]

Other crew:

  • Alex Josselyn — script supervisor[13]


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