TMI201 Reggie's 01

Reggie's Pizza Parlor is a vampire den in Flatbush in New York that was once a supposedly well-known pizza place in the city.


Reggie's Pizza Parlor was once a bustling business, serving pizza, pasta, and gelato, and serving, according to Valentine Morgenstern, the best pie in all of Brooklyn.

However, when the owner, Reggie's, wife, Maria, turned into a vampire, Reggie was killed and the business has since become abandoned. The building remained with Maria, with the Reggie's sign still up, but the inside became a den for vampires. It was poorly-maintained, but several vampires resided here and fed on their victims.

In 2016, Valentine returned to the site with Jace Wayland, who proceeded to slaughter the vampires whom he either saw feeding on mundanes or those who attacked him, including Maria.


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