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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Portrayed by Jade Hassouné
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Biographical Information
Status: Alive





Seelie Queen


Seelie Court

Significant other(s):

Isabelle Lightwood (sexual; former)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black and blue
Eye color:

Dark brown

Distinct feature/s:

Pointed ears

But unlike you, my feelings never affect my judgment.

–Meliorn, Bound by Blood

Meliorn is a handsome and elegant Seelie knight.


Intel and Isabelle

Meliorn had a long-standing, non-exclusive sexual relationship with the Shadowhunter Isabelle Lightwood. The pair often met up in his dwelling and would occasionally use the opportunity to get information out of each other.

In 2016, Isabelle asked him about ways of getting into the vampires' lair, the Hotel Dumort—information he would have because he has slept with the clan's leader, Camille Belcourt—and Meliorn shot back with questions about Clary Fairchild and the Mortal Cup. Though neither explicitly gave straight answers and find ways to dodge the questions, each deduced the answers they needed.[1]

Shortly after faerie scouts sent by the Clave to spy on Valentine Morgenstern were killed, the Seelie Queen stopped communicating with the Clave. Meliorn was mourning the scouts' deaths when Isabelle returned to him with her adoptive brother, Jace Wayland, in hopes of finding out why the Queen cut the Nephilim off.[2] Shortly after, Isabelle, pressured by her mother to change, sent him a fire-message, ending their affiliation.[3]

In Clave custody

Meliorn was invited to the New York Institute some time after by its new interim head, Lydia Branwell. Without warning, he was arrested and interrogated under orders from the Clave. When Lydia failed to get the information they needed, it was decided that he would be brought to the City of Bones to be interrogated by the Silent Brothers. Isabelle and the others intervened by staging an ambush and helping him escape.[4]

In exchange for saving him, Meliorn felt he owed a life deft to Clary, offering to help Clary find Valentine. He told her that her necklace is a shard from a Portal in another dimension, so she can see places she has never been to. He brought Clary and Jace to the Seelie Glade and opened a gateway into the other dimension and kept it open for her. When a demon, attracted to the dimension through the open Portal, attacked them, he and Jace worked together to try and dispatch it; the demon ultimately slipped through. Sensing that more demons are coming, Meliorn decided to close the entrance to prevent further endangering of the lives of the people within the dimension. Jace insisted on going through to save Clary and the people from the demon, and Meliorn obliged. He opened the entrance once more for Jace and shut it behind him.

Meliorn suspected that he would be executed if the Queen found out that he'd let Clary and Jace into one of her realms.[5] The Queen did find out, but he was not executed; he was still punished, and the leaf on his face was cut.[6]

Downworld destruction

When rumors spread in the Downworld that the Soul-Sword was capable of decimating their kind, that it was already in the hands of Valentine and can be activated by Clary, the head of the local werewolf pack Luke Garroway called a meeting among the Downworlders at the Hunter's Moon, with a representative from each kind, to discuss their course of action. Meliorn went on behalf of the Queen, and wore Seelie armor, symbolizing that they were at war.

Luke and Magnus Bane tried to convince him and Raphael Santiago to cooperate in their efforts to defeat Valentine and protect Clary. Meliorn was quick to suggest the easier, immediate alternative: kill Clary to save the Downworld, pointing out that the gathered council was biased because of their relations to the Shadowhunters. He was not swayed by Luke and Magnus's appeals, and was able to convince even Raphael to agree with him.[6]

Though he was skeptical, he was persuaded to join the siege of the Institute, which Valentine was able to commandeer, to finally take down Valentine and prevent him from wielding the Sword against them. He brought his army and was thanked by Luke, and Meliorn told him that he would never forgive him if he had gauged the situation wrongly. They had expected the Sword to either be inactive—as their plan involved Clary being away from the Institute—or destroyed, believing that Jace with his demon blood would be able to destroy it.

Outside, just before the army of Downworlders charged the Institute, Meliorn, Luke, and Maia Roberts were attacked by some of Valentine's followers. The three of them were left behind as the others attacked, saving them from the destruction of the Soul-Sword within the Institute that killed most of the Downworlders with them, excluding Simon Lewis and Raphael.[7]


Meliorn can, at times of need, be manipulative, as shown when he uses his time with Isabelle to gather intel. He is also cunning, able to evade questions by giving indirect answers or responding with his own questions as a way around his inability to lie. Meliorn also exhibits honor and gratitude, wanting to immediately repay debts.

Physical description

TMI209 Meliorn01

Meliorn after receiving his punishment from the Queen.

Meliorn has black hair with blue streaks.

Meliorn used to have a green leaf on the right side of his face. As part of his punishment from the Queen, his face was mutilated, and the leaf was cut from his face, leaving a rough, crescent-shaped scar around his eye. A new stem also sprouted on his skin, extending from his neck up to his face.


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