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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Maia Roberts
Portrayed by Alisha Wainwright
TMI207 Maia01
Biographical Information
Status: Alive

Mundane (former)


Hunter's Moon bartender


New York


New York werewolf pack

Known relatives:
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed brother †
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Distinct feature/s:

Claw marks on her neck

Gretel was our pack member. And she was my friend. You need to pay for what you did to her.

–Maia to Jace, Parabatai Lost

Maia Roberts is a bartender at the Hunter's Moon and one of the werewolves in Luke's pack.



TMI206 Luke & Maia 01

Luke and Maia first meet.

Maia was raised by a mother and father with her brother. However, it was clear to her that her brother was the favorite child. Upon his death, her parents appeared to forget about her. Eventually, she ran away from home.[1]

At one point, Maia was scratched by a werewolf, Turning her into one herself. With no one to guide her at first, Maia wasn't fully aware of what was happening to her and lost control. In one incident, when she first Turned, Maia unconsciously hurt a girl. In the ambulance, a cop approached her and silently revealed to her that, like her, he was a werewolf—though Maia herself had only come to fully realize it then. Maia joined the New York werewolf pack, and Luke has since guided her through her new life, teaching her to control her emotions, and thus avoid involuntarily Changing.[2]

Luke eventually became the pack's alpha when he defeated Theo in battle.[3] She also began bartending at the Downworlder haunt, Hunter's Moon.


When the Shadowhunter Valentine Morgenstern stole the Mortal Cup and began killing their kind, Maia felt forced to jump into action, not willing to lose the only family that she had left.[4] When her friend Gretel was abducted the the Circle and one of the people involved, Jace Wayland, became the primary suspect for her death, Maia was among the werewolves who actively pursued Jace, despite Luke's initial instructions. Though she and a group of werewolves were able to ambush and surround him, they were stopped by Luke, forcing them, as their alpha, to submit to him—and two other Shadowhunters, one of whom was sent by the Clave, came to save Jace, whose innocence in Gretel's death had been proven.[5]

When Luke went missing after his lover's death, Maia continued to look for him though the other pack members had given up. When she overheard a vampire Simon Lewis argue with Alaric about looking for Luke, she went to him for an idea about where he could be. Simon told her about their old camping site, and though Maia refused at first, the pair headed to the woods together. Despite their kind's typical animosity towards one another, Maia and Simon got along quickly. Together, they found Luke and Maia watched, impressed, as Simon was able to calm Luke down.[2]

She and Simon went on a date shortly after. Before their date, Maia overheard Simon and Jace's conversation, from which Maia deduced that Simon was actually in love with his best friend, Clary. Maia easily accepted this and simply suggested that Simon tell Clary how he felt.[6]


Maia is brave, stubborn, and extremely loyal to her friends. Although she doesn't like talking about it, she struggles with trust issues due to her troubled past and often uses humor and sarcasm to mask her true feelings.[4]

Physical description

Maia has brown skin, thick, curly hair. She has a big scratch on the left side of her neck.

Skills and Abilities

  • Lycanthropy: As A Werewolf, Maia possesses the ability to transform into a wolf. She also retains the enhanced strength, speed, graceful movements and accelerated healing that comes with it, whether while in her human form or when transformed.
  • Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant: Maia has shown to be skilled in combat while fighting shadowhunters.
  • Mixologist: As an Bartender, Maia has shown to be knowledgeable in mixing Alcholic beverages.


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  • Maia is taking classes online to study marine biology, and hopes to transfer to Columbia University.

Behind the scenes


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