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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Portrayed by Ariana Williams
TMI205 Madzie01
Biographical Information
Status: Alive



Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC (former)

Known relatives:

Iris Rouse (godmother)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Distinct feature/s:


Madzie is a young warlock who was previously in the care of Iris Rouse.


Madzie lived with the warlock Iris Rouse, whom she called Nana and was said to be her godmother.

At one point, a young Shadowhunter named Clary Fairchild came to their home asking Iris to raise her mother. Madzie wordlessly approached Clary's companion, Alec. When the newborn baby—the most recent addition to Iris's warlocks, in her attempt to save their kind from extinction—began to cry, Madzie went to Leigh and the child and was followed by Alec. When Iris attacked Alec, Madzie stopped her, and when another Shadowhunter arrived, Iris escaped with Madzie.[1]

While playing at the Brady Park one day,[2] Valentine and his followers abducted Madzie, using her to blackmail Iris. She was left in Valentine's care after Iris was sent to the Clave and thus failed to return for her.[3] Valentine saw her presence as an opportunity to raise a warlock by himself that would be completely loyal to him. She had Dot train her and promised her that she would see Iris again if she did as he asked. With this in mind, Madzie became obedient to Valentine.

Because of a blood oath between Iris and Clary that required the latter to find Madzie, Valentine set a trap for them, allowing Clary's friend Jace to easily track and take her, but once she got close and was healed upon fulfilling the oath, Madzie opened a Portal back to Valentine, taking Clary. When Clary tried to talk her out of listening to Valentine, he reminded her that Clary was the one who got Iris in trouble to begin with. Madzie continued to do as Valentine instructed and opened another Portal for their escape.[2]

Shortly after, the Circle infiltrated the New York Institute and sent Madzie in ahead of them, under the impression that she would find her Nana there. Alec recognized and approached her. Recalling her first encounter with Alec at Iris's home,[4][5] Madzie pushed Alec into the elevator, to safety, before she proceeded to use her gills to suffocate the other Shadowhunters. A fellow warlock, Magnus Bane, later found her and told her that Valentine was using her and lying to her about leading her to Iris. Magnus was able to convince her to go with him, and he took her to his other warlock friend Catarina Loss.[6]


  • Immortality: As a warlock, Madzie has been granted immortality. Madzie may still physically age as she is still very young.
  • Magic: As a warlock, Madzie has access to magic. She is powerful for her age.
  • Oxygen vacuum: Her warlock mark—the gills on either side of her neck—grants her the ability to absorb oxygen from the air around her, suffocating the people in her vicinity.


Season Two appearances: 5/20
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A Door Into the Dark:
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How Are Thou Fallen:
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A Dark Reflection:
Awake, Arise, or...:
Hail and Farewell:
Beside Still Water:



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