Joel Labelle
Portrays Alaric Rodriguez
Joel Labelle
Biographical Information
Series Information
Character portrayed: Alaric Rodriguez
Featured in: Shadowhunters:
The Mortal Instruments
First appearance: The Mortal Cup
Last appearance: By the Light of Dawn
Appearance count: 12

Joel Labelle is a Canadian actor who portrayed Alaric Rodriguez on Shadowhunters.

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Season One: 7/13
Episode Appearance Status
The Mortal Cup Appeared
The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy Appeared
Dead Man's Party Absent
Raising Hell Appeared
Moo Shu to Go Appeared
Of Men and Angels Absent
Major Arcana Appeared
Bad Blood Absent
Rise Up Absent
This World Inverted Appeared
Blood Calls To Blood Appeared
Malec Absent
Morning Star Absent
Season Two: 5/20
Episode Appearance Status
This Guilty Blood Absent
A Door Into the Dark Appeared
Parabatai Lost Appeared
Day of Wrath Absent
Dust and Shadows Absent
Iron Sisters Appeared
How Are Thou Fallen Appeared
Love is a Devil Absent
Bound By Blood Absent
By the Light of Dawn Appeared
Mea Maxima Culpa TBA
You Are Not Your Own TBA
Those of Demon Blood TBA
The Fair Folk TBA
A Problem of Memory TBA
Day of Atonement TBA
A Dark Reflection TBA
Awake, Arise, or be Forever Fallen TBA
Hail and Farewell TBA
Beside Still Water TBA

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