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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Portrayed by Alec Stockwell & Benjamin Sutherland

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Biographical Information


Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown

Ithuriel is an angel who was imprisoned by Valentine Morgenstern.


Somehow, Valentine was able to capture Ithuriel and kept him bound using chains enchanted by magic that made it virtually indestructible. He took blood from Ithuriel and gave it to the pregnant Jocelyn Fairchild and Céline Herondale through their food, giving their unborn children doses of pure angel blood.

Almosy two decades after he was first held captive, Ithuriel began reaching out to Clary Fairchild—Valentine and Jocelyn's daughter.[1][2] He sent her visions of runes, the first of which was the Sunlight rune. After Valentine stole the Soul-Sword, intending to use it, Ithuriel's heavenly energy, and the oncoming storm to decimate Downworlders, Ithuriel began to communicate with Clary, letting her hear his cries for help.

While on their way to the lighthouse, Clary once again heard Ithuriel's cries. Cleophas used a Hearing rune and held Clary, allowing her to hear what she was hearing. Realizing that Valentine was holding an angel captive, they proceeded to the lighthouse, intent on freeing Ithuriel. Clary and Jace went straight to the rooftop. Though initially unable to break the chains with sheer force, Clary was able to weaken the chains through another vision of a rune Ithuriel sent her.

TMI207 Ithuriel, Clary & Jace 01

Upon being released, Ithuriel's opened his wings. He held Clary and Jace's hands and showed them a vision of a star in the sky,[1] and the Soul-Sword and a demon both disintegrating upon contact, symbolizing that the Sword can be destroyed by a demonic Morgenstern.[3] Ithuriel then flew up towards the sky, leaving Jace and Clary dumbfounded.[1]

Free at last, Ithuriel returned to Heaven to recuperate and recover from his ordeal at the hands of Valentine, during which he continued to send Clary visions of runes that could help her. In time, his strength was restored.

TMI216 Ithuriel01

When Clary and Jace Portaled, with a rune he showed Clary, to Idris to search for Valentine, Ithuriel appeared in full armored form before an astonished Clary, who did not immediately recognize his restored youthful visage and physique. Ithuriel warned her cryptically of the return of her demon-blooded brother Jonathan, which Clary initially assumed was about Jace, but could not tell her more due to the strict laws of non-interference of angels with humans. With that, Ithuriel spread his wings and took off again, vanishing into the sky.[4]


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