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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Elaine Lewis
Portrayed by Christina Cox
TMI104 Elaine01
Biographical Information
Age: 40s[1]
Status: Alive





New York

Known relatives:
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blond
Clary, I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to him. Rebecca and Simon, they're all I have.

–Elaine, Bad Blood

Elaine Lewis is the widowed mother of Simon and Rebecca.



At one point, Elaine's husband—Simon and Rebecca's father—died, leaving Elaine to raise their children as a single mother.[2] For a while, Elaine became an alcoholic and went on a drinking bender after his death. She eventually stopped and has been sober since.[3]

Her son, Simon, became friends with a girl named Clary Fray, and their friendship has only strengthened since. Because of this closeness, their families have also formed a sort of band, and the Frays, consisting only of Clary and her mother, Jocelyn, have become somewhat honorary members of the family and have even had sears at their annual seder since preschool.[4]

Elaine told Simon that she wanted him, her only son, to become a CPA. When he graduated high school, Simon agreed and decided to pursue a major in accounting.[5]

Some time in 2015, her identity was stolen.[6]


When Simon did not come home one evening in 2016, Elaine worried but simply assumed that he had spent the night with his best friend, Clary Fray. When he came home, she calmly told him to at least call the next time he decides to do that again, reminding him that, though he is 18, she still worries about him and should know better.[7]

Simon's friend Maureen suspected that Simon was on drugs and told Rebecca, who then told Elaine. She and Rebecca talked to him together, but before Simon could open up to them, Elaine jumped to conclusions and thought that Simon believed he had an STD, to which Elaine tried to console him by saying that it's normal as she once experimented in law school herself. Rebecca tried to stop her and the two ended up arguing, flustering Simon and causing him to break him computer desk with his newfound strength. When she and Rebecca came back to give Simon his dinner later that night, Simon was gone; his room had been trashed and the window was open, making the two assume the worst.[8]

The next day, after Clary found out that Simon had been bitten and killed by a vampire, she paid the very worried Elaine a visit, intending to tell her that Simon had been in an accident and won't be returning. She found herself unable to lie to Elaine and was about to tell her the truth when Jace distracted her by dropping one of the three wise monkey figurines Simon had gotten her for Mother's Day,[2] after which Clary ended up going against her plan and assuring Elaine that he was fine,[6] convincing herself even further to revive Simon, even as a vampire.

After Simon was reawakened as a vampire, he ran home immediately. Elaine found him in his room and hugged him, not knowing that Simon was bloodthirsty. Simon was unable to control his new instincts and was about to bite her when Clary arrived. Elaine became suspicious of the way the two were acting and tried to stop him from leaving with Clary. Knowing that he would be putting his family at risk if he stayed, Simon left. Elaine asked Clary to look after Simon, and when Simon told her that he'll see her later, Elaine took it to heart and said they will have a serious conversation about his problem when he returns. Elaine, as if sensing that Simon will indeed not be coming back, watched them go in tears. True enough, Simon was moved into the Hotel Dumort after this.[6]

To not worry her, Simon told her that he was going to try to live in his school dorm. However, when Simon began calling less, Elaine grew concerned and seemingly started drinking again. She eventually called his resident assistant and found out that Simon hasn't been seen in weeks. Eventually, Elaine met Raphael Santiago, who introduced himself as Simon's band manager, and was told that Simon had simply gone on tour with his band, but Simon assured her that they put the tour on hold and would only be doing local shows next, and that he would move back in soon.[3]


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  • She is portrayed by Christina Cox on Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.
  • Her casting side describes her as a smart, sexy lawyer in her 40s.[1]
  • According to Simon, Elaine still had a liquor cabinet when he and Clary were in 10th grade,[9] and that she'd been sober since her bender and "there hadn't been alcohol in [their] house for years."[3] By this count, by 2016, Elaine has been sober for at least three years.


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