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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Camille Belcourt
Portrayed by Kaitlyn Leeb
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Biographical Information
Age: 607+[1]
Status: Undead



New York


New York vampire clan

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Blood is stronger than will, stronger than desire, even stronger than love.

–Camille, Major Arcana

Camille Belcourt is an ancient, powerful vampire and the former leader of the New York vampire clan.


Hunt for the Cup

Camille was in a relationship with Magnus in the mid-1800s, during which Camille apparently did not take the relationship too seriously. She received a ruby necklace from him—one which eventually came into the possession of the New York Institute.[2] After a dalliance with a mundane Russian, the couple parted ways.[3]

As head of the clan, Camille and her vampires traded antiques, mostly with beings of the Shadow World. Among their regular customers were Dorothea RollinsJocelyn Fray's assistant. Through Dot, Jocelyn traded with the vampires and sold some of the items at her own store.[3]

In 2016, Camille had Raphael kidnap the mundane friend of Clary Fray, Simon Lewis,[4] in hopes of getting the Mortal Cup from her, despite knowing that this act would break the Accords. Camille met Simon at the Hotel Dumort shortly after and played with him, using the encanto on him to get information out of him. She bit him and even let him bite her during their trance but was frustrated to learn that Clary's memories have been taken by a warlock, which Camille immediately suspected was Magnus's doing.

They were interrupted when Camille smelled the presence of Shadowhunters in her building, and she ordered her minions to dispose of them, but her vampires failed to push them back. Simon attempted to escape, and Camille was just about to kill him in frustration when Raphael arrived to stop her, telling her to escape before the Shadowhunters arrived, promising to kill the mundane himself.[5]


When Simon returned to the hotel some time after, Camille proceeded to kill Simon.[6] Raphael decided to help his friends resurrect Simon as a vampire to help his case against Camille. Because killing Simon was an act that broke the Accords, and because Simon was friends with Nephilim, they helped Raphael oust Camille, along with the members of the clan who immediately sided with Raphael.[7]

Camille was then imprisoned in a coffin in a heavily-guarded room at the hotel. When Clary and the others needed Camille for information, she promised to lead them to her apartment at the Upper East Side—where Dot hid the Book of the White without Camille's knowledge—in exchange for her freedom and a Writ of Transmutation with Simon, a document signed in blood between Camille and Simon that claims that Simon had asked her to Turn him into a vampire, thus protecting her from potential retribution from the Clave.[3]


After leading the Shadowhunters and Magnus to her apartment, she took off. Magnus and Simon went Agra, India, where one of her many homes is located to find her, but were unsuccessful. However, Simon found a box guarded by a fire-breathing snake (which he encanto-ed, which Raphael later told him contained her grave dirt.[8] It could only be opened with her blood, so Rafael used Simon's blood since she was his sire. Magnus set up a trap for her and used her grave dirt to summon her. She tried to convince him to free her, however he stood his ground and sent her through a portal to the Clave.[9]


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Behind the scenes


  • According to Raphael, Camille is around 300-400 years older than him.[5]


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