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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Brother Jeremiah
Portrayed by Stephen R. Hart
TMI102 Jeremiah01
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased



Silent City

Physical Description

Brother Jeremiah was a Shadowhunter and one of the Silent Brothers.


In 2016, Clary Fairchild and her newfound Shadowhunter allies went to the City of Bones in hopes that the Silent Brothers could help her access her blocked memories. When they came to the hall of the Soul-Sword, Brother Jeremiah arrived and spoke to Clary through her mind and asked her if she was certain, informing her of the risks of the ritual. When she confirmed, Brother Jeremiah and the others began, and the Sword was used to let her access what they could unlock of her memories.[1]

Jeremiah stood as the keeper of the Soul-Sword during Isabelle Lightwood's trial,[2] and later presided over the wedding of Alec Lightwood and Lydia Branwell, though it did not go through.[3]

When Jace Wayland was imprisoned and later interrogated by Victor Aldertree in the City of Bones, Jeremiah was among the Silent Brothers who again handled the Soul-Sword. When Jace tried to use the Sword to kill himself, Brother Jeremiah acted quickly and compelled his mind to stop, causing the former immense pain.

TMI204 Jeremiah01

Jeremiah right before his death.

Shortly after, Valentine Morgenstern arrived to steal the Sword. Being one of its keepers, Brother Jeremiah protected the Sword with his life and refused to let go of it until Valentine himself killed him. Jeremiah made it down to the cells, and he uttered his last words vocally, begging Jace for help—his previously sewn mouth torn open as he died. He fell in front of Jace's cells, who checked if he was still alive by trying to use his hand to unlock his cell. Valentine followed shortly after and removed the dagger used to kill him from his back.[4]

Physical description

Brother Jeremiah had pale white skin littered with runes, some of which were the most powerful runes in the Gray Book which deformed his appearance. His head was shaved, he had no eyes, only indentations where they should be, and his mouth was sewn shut.

Skills and abilities

As a Shadowhunter, particularly Silent Brother, Brother Jeremiah possessed an array of powers, including:

  • Telepathy: Brother Jeremiah possessed the ability to reach into the minds of those around him: to recover memories, communicate with others through their minds, or even control others.
  • Runes: As a Silent Brother, Brother Jeremiah, like the others, was considered superior to other Shadowhunters, particularly because he bore more powerful runes.[5]




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