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This article depicts a subject within the Shadowhunters television series, and as such, it either does not play a role within or differs largely from the established continuity and canon of the books of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Aline Penhallow
Portrayed by Eileen Li
Biographical Information
Status: Alive


Known relatives:
Significant other(s):

Carolyn (ex-girlfriend)

Physical Description
Gender: Female

Aline Penhallow is a Shadowhunter and the cousin of Sebastian Verlac.


Early life

Aline became friends with the Lightwood children when they were young, and though they did not see each other often, they were fairly close. At times, her mother would drag her and Isabelle to the Accords Hall for Clave assemblies.

Summer in Alicante

One summer, Aline was secretly seeing a girl, Carolyn. Because others were not aware that she was dating someone, they simply assumed that she "hadn't found the right boy." Her cousin Sebastian, who was visiting for the summer, became aware and promised to not tell anyone.

Sebastian in New York

In 2017, Aline and the rest of their family became worried when Sebastian disappeared so suddenly. Unbeknownst to them, Sebastian was abducted, and his identity assumed, by Valentine's son. Six months after he first went missing, she was unable to help herself and went to the New York Institute when she heard that Sebastian was there and came unannounced so as not to spook her cousin away. Almost immediately, Aline noticed something different about her cousin. Jonathan had Sebastian, who was kept tied up in his closet, tell him everything about her.

Jonathan then told Aline that he wanted to stay in New York, and he was able to trick her into believing his lies, through intimate details and memories only Sebastian would know. Jonathan asked that she look after his Aunt Elodie for a few days, and she agreed, even suggesting to leave for London that evening. Jonathan kept up his facade by inviting her to an Indian restaurant before she left.

Aline returned to the Institute shortly after hoping to say goodbye to Sebastian but missed him. She then bid Isabelle farewell, and the latter commented that she would be visiting them in Alicante soon. As the pair hugged, her real cousin Sebastian tried to approach them but was stabbed and killed by Jonathan.[1]


  • Aline likes Indian food.[1]

  • Showrunner Todd Slavkin described the character as "smart, funny, empathetic, and on the precipice of self discovery".[2]


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