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Stephen Herondale
Photo Stephen 01
Biographical Information
Full name: Stephen William Herondale
Born: 1966
Age: 25
Status: Deceased
Death: 1991
Species: Shadowhunter
Family: Celine Montclaire † (wife)
Amatis Graymark (ex-wife)
Jace Lightwood (son)
Marcus Herondale (father)
Imogen Herondale (mother)
Physical Description
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue

Stephen William Herondale was a Shadowhunter, who lived in Idris. He was a member of Valentine's Circle. He is the biological father of Jace and the son of Imogen and Marcus Herondale. He was also at one point married to Amatis Graymark, Luke's sister.


Early life

Stephen was born to Marcus and Imogen Herondale. Since the Herondales ran the London Institute, Stephen grew up and was trained in London. He eventually moved to Alicante and married Amatis Graymark. Because of their marriage, Stephen often saw Amatis' brother, Lucian.[1]

The Circle

Over the years, Stephen grew proud and frustrated. He believed himself better than Downworlders, the Clave, and his "suffocating" parents.[2] Despite his mother's pleas, Stephen went on to join the Circle.

After the supposed death of his brother-in-law and Valentine Morgenstern's right-hand man, Lucian, Valentine offered Stephen the vacant position as his second-in-command, which he gladly accepted. Stephen was devoted to the Circle's cause and to Valentine, enough that he turned his back on his Law-abiding family and his wife, Amatis, whom Valentine saw as unsuitable, particularly because Lucian was revealed to have become a werewolf. Stephen instead agreed to marry the eighteen-year-old Celine Montclaire, and though he grew to love her some way, he never fully loved her like he loved Amatis, whom he kept in touch with even after the divorce.

In 1989, Stephen was present during an altercation between the warlock Magnus Bane and the Whitelaw family and the Circle, which was holding a werewolf pack hostage. A fight broke out between the groups, resulting in a number of casualties, including the Whitelaws.[3]

Eventually, Stephen realized the wrongs of his ways and Valentine's cause. He grew tired of the group's activities and began to doubt Valentine.[4] Knowing that Valentine felt his doubt, he also suspected that Valentine would soon kill him.[2] Stephen then wrote his unborn son a letter and entrusted it to Amatis. In 1991, Stephen was killed during a raid on a vampire nest; many suspect that this was deliberately set by Valentine.


After his death, Stephen's father, Marcus, supposedly died of shock upon learning his death. His mother, Imogen, accepted the position as Inquisitor to hunt down all those responsible for his death and has since held a grudge against Valentine, whom she believed was responsible for Stephen's death.

His wife, Celine, was eight months pregnant when news of Stephen's death reached her. This apparently pushed Celine to commit suicide. Their unborn son waas saved when Valentine, with the help of Hodge Starkweather, cut him from Celine's womb. Valentine then took the baby and raised him as his own, as he was the baby that Valentine had been experimenting on with angel's blood.

In 2007, Amatis met Stephen's son, Jace, and gave him a box of Stephen's old things and letters.[5]


According to Luke Garroway, Stephen was everyone's golden boy. He was "good at everything" and "unfailingly nice without being boring," and though his charm and good looks incited some jealousy, he was hard to hate.[1]

Physical description

According to Amatis, Jace looked exactly like Stephen, except around the eyes.



  • Stephen loved Latin and poetry.[2]


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