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Jace's stele
Creator: Iron Sisters
Current owner/s: Shadowhunters
Source: Adamas
Purpose: Drawing runes

Steles are the tools used by Shadowhunters to draw runes onto their skin, weapons, and other materials. They are made of adamas and crafted by the Iron Sisters.


Steles look like long, slender twigs, though the length and style vary and may depend on the owner's preferences. There are many different models of steles, the appearance evolving depending on the times. Steles have a sort of aura to them, a ghostly imprint of their owner's personality.[1]

Since steles are not designed to be used in direct battle against demons, steles do not harm them, though demons tend to recoil when exposed to a stele due to the material it is made of—the heavenly metal adamas.[2]


Izzy's stele

Isabelle Lightwood's stele in the film.

The first stele is believed to have been a rough oblong of adamas used by Jonathan Shadowhunter to inscribe the first Marks on his own skin.[2]

In 2007, Luke gave Clary Fray her mother's stele while the latter was still in a magically-induced coma,[3] but Clary ultimately lost it when she accidentally Portaled into Lake Lyn in Idris.[4]


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