Sophie Collins
CJ Flowers, Sophie
Biographical Information
Full name:

Sophia Lightwood (née Collins)
Sophia Ashdown[1]

Born: 1858
Age: 20 (in 1878)
79 (as of 1937)
Status: Alive (as of 1937)

Mundane (former)


Servant (former)


London Institute (former)


London Enclave

Known relatives:

Gideon Lightwood (husband)
Barbara Lightwood (daughter)
Eugenia Lightwood (daughter)
Thomas Lightwood (son)
Lightwood family

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color:

Dark hazel

Distinct feature/s:

Scar across face

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!
To be a Shadowhunter is all I ever wanted.

–Sophie to Gideon, Clockwork Princess

Sophia "Sophie" Lightwood (née Collins) is a former mundane who possessed the Sight and used to be a servant at the London Institute. After years of serving them, Sophie underwent Ascension and became a Shadowhunter herself. She is the wife of Gideon Lightwood, with whom she has three children.


Early life

Sophie was born into a poor family, and has had the Sight since she was young. She was drawn to places where the Shadow and mundane worlds intermingled such as carnivals, solstice celebrations, and Westminster Abbey. Sophie stopped doing this when she needed to start working for a living.[2]

Because of her beauty, she was promoted to a parlormaid by an employer. In a house in St. Johns Wood, London, Teddy, the son of her employer, took an interest in her and tried to seduce her on several occasions, and she turned him away repeatedly. In a fit of rage, Teddy cut Sophie's face with a knife, wanting to leave a scar that will permanently disfigure her face, telling her that if he couldn't have her, he'd make sure no one ever wanted her again. When she went to Teddy's mother, Teddy claimed that it was Sophie who tried to seduce him, and that he'd taken up the knife to fight her and protect his virtue. The family then threw her out onto the street.

Sophie was then found by Charlotte Branwell, whom Sophie saw, despite Charlotte's glamour. Charlotte then took her to the Silent Brothers, and while they were able to heal the infection from her wound, it was too late to remove the scar. Sophie then began working at the London Institute as the ladies' maid, particularly Jessamine Lovelace's.

At the Institute, Sophie experienced considerable freedom and was treated well, especially compared to her past employment. She became good friends with the other servants of the Institute, Agatha and Thomas, who developed feelings for her. The other residents of the Institute were also very nice to her, save for Jessamine and Will, both of whom were rude to most everyone except the third ward in the Institute, Jem Carstairs, whom Sophie grew to love. Sophie also became particularly attached, and grateful, to Charlotte who always treated her with kindness.

Over time, Sophie became comfortable, to some extent, with the residents of the Institute. She acted as Charlotte's "angel", who reminded her when she began to become too blunt. Knowing that Will would also be mean to her, a condition of Sophie's employment included the allowance to speak to him any way she liked, and she did so as curtly and frankly as she saw fit. She was allowed to speak freely and was generally treated better than typical servants in the time.

The Grays

When the believed Downworlder Tessa Gray was brought to the Institute, Sophie attended to her and quickly became good friends with her. Her fondness and protectiveness of Charlotte immediately became evident to Tessa, and vice versa. Sophie helped Tessa with certain tasks, much to the other girl's discomfort, not used to being pampered. Nonetheless, Sophie continued to serve her, and even helped her adjust and become familiar with the Institute and its residents; particularly, she warned her about Will.

After an incident between the Shadowhunters of the local Enclave and the vampires of Alexei de Quincey's clan, Sophie was supposed to help Will purge his body of vampire blood. Unwilling to listen and drink the holy water that would cure him, Will even went as far as throw Sophie a bucket of the water, much to her frustration. A livid Sophie left and had just given up when she ran into Tessa, who offered to take the holy water and get Will to drink it for her. While apprehensive for Tessa, she let her, no longer wanting to deal with Will herself.

Suspicious of what transpired between them the night before, Sophie continued to warn Tessa about Will. She tried to give her advice about love and, instead, ended up indirectly speaking about her feelings for Jem, which Tessa mistook as her feelings for Thomas. Sophie, still oblivious to Thomas' feelings for her, denied any possibility of a romance budding between them. Despite this, Tessa continued to wonder about them.

When Jem and Tessa returned to the Institute one evening with a pair of automatons right behind them, Sophie cared for Tessa and worried greatly for Jem, who fell ill after the attack, albeit refusing to see him out of shame. It was then that her feelings for Jem became known to Tessa.

After Jem and Will left the Institute to find the Dark Sisters, Sophie, Tessa and Agatha (the cook) were attacked by an clockwork automaton, which buried a knife in Agatha. Sophie screamed and ran to her. Together she and Tessa lifted Agatha across the room, and Sophie was heard by Tessa to be screaming while at least a dozen automatons advanced towards them. They were joined by Jessamine, Thomas and Nate. Tessa managed to pry Sophie's fingers off Agatha, and she was grabbed by Thomas. Jessamine was hit, and Thomas released Sophie, screaming at her and Tessa to run to the Sanctuary, which they did. They realized they had forgotten the key, which Sophie went to get. She came back to find Nate unconscious after being hit by Jessamine, and the three girls went into the Sanctuary. Sophie defended Tessa after Jessamine suggested that it was all Tessa's fault, and then heard that Thomas was most likely dead. She commenced screaming at Jessamine for leaving him down there alone, when Jessamine was capable of staying and helping, calling her "selfish".

Jessamine opened the Sanctuary doors at Will's voice, but it turned out to be Axel Mortmain. Sophie screamed and ducked behind a pillar, and was told by Mortmain to get out. She bravely resisted, and refused to leave without Tessa. However, Mortmain simply ordered the automatons to kill both Sophie and Jessamine, and despite Sophie's efforts to run away amongst the pillars, she was brought down to the ground, screaming. She managed to break away, only to be jerked back. Tessa pleaded with Mortmain to stop and leave them alone, at which he agreed and Sophie and Jessamine were brought downstairs. They were found here by Jem, who had returned from the mansion where Mrs. Black was hiding. Nate explained his plan to Jem, while Sophie and Jessamine watched and struggled. Jem fought the automatons, and managed to knock Nate to his knees. Nate screamed at the automatons to release Sophie and Jessamine, which they did, and cling to each other. Charlotte and Henry Branwell returned, and fought off the automatons and Nate.[3]


Sophie was first seen informing Charlotte that Brother Enoch had arrived at the Institute. After the meeting, Sophie heard the voices of Tessa and Jem. She watched them from a separate room, clearly in love with Jem and jealous of Tessa, as Jem loved Tessa and had no romantic feelings for her.

On the orders of Consul Josiah Wayland, she started to be trained by the Lightwood brothers with Tessa. The elder of the two, Gideon Lightwood, personally saw to her training. She began to fall for Gideon as her feelings for Jem began to fade, even feeling happy for them when he and Tessa announced their engagement. While her feelings for Gideon were obviously reciprocated, she was quite conflicted because she believed that their relationship was doomed due to their very different social status. However, she did agree to meet him in London for a picnic.

Later, Sophie brought Gideon's lunch to his room, he asked her why she had been avoiding him. Before he could continue to talk to her, Henry burst in to tell Gideon that his brother, Gabriel was here and asking for him. Gideon also asked Sophie to bring him lots of scones around this time because she was still a servant and therefore he would be able to talk to and see her. Gideon later asked her to marry him and Sophie agreed.[4]


A few months after the battle at Cadair Idris, Sophie finally Ascended and became a Shadowhunter,[5] taking on the inactive Shadowhunter name Ashdown.[1] Eventually, she married Gideon and had three children with him, namely Barbara, Eugenia, and Thomas Lightwood.

Later life

Gideon died in 1919, leaving Sophie a widow.[6] Decades later, in 1937, an elderly Sophie, along with her two daughters, was present at Will's deathbed.[5]


Sophie is a kind, often shy girl who can also be outspoken at times. She has a kind heart, and can often see through a person's façade to what is underneath. She is also self-conscious due to her scar. Because of her last employer she often feels uncomfortable in the presence of men.

Physical description

Sophie is described as slender, with dark hair and eyes that are a "luminous dark hazel". She is very pretty, but her beauty is marred by the thick, silvery ridged scar which slashes from the left corner of her mouth to her temple, pulling her face sideways and distorting her features. When meeting her people are often shocked about her scar, something Sophie does not like.


Love interests





  • Sophie was 19 at the beginning of the series, and she has stated that she was almost 20. When her birth year was revealed in a found family tree, it was confirmed that she indeed would have turned 20 in 1878.
  • According to the found family tree, Sophie died some time in 1939 at the age of 80 or 81.


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