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Sophie Collins
Photo Sophie 01
Biographical Information
Full name: Sophia Lightwood
(née Collins)
Born: 1858
Age: 19/20
Status: Alive (Clockwork Princess)
Death: 1939
Nickname/s: Sophie
Species: Shadowhunter
Former Mundane
Occupation: Servant (former)
Allegiance: London Institute
Family: Gideon Lightwood (husband)
Barbara Lightwood (daughter)
Eugenia Lightwood (daughter)
Thomas Lightwood (son)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Dark hazel
Distinct feature/s: Scar across face
To be a Shadowhunter is all I ever wanted.

–Sophie to Gideon Lightwood, Clockwork Princess

Sophia "Sophie" Collins is the wife of Gideon Lightwood, with whom she had three children. She was a former servant and ladies' maid in the London Institute. She was a mundane who possessed the Sight, giving her the ability to see the Shadow World. After years of serving them, Sophie underwent Ascension and became a Shadowhunter.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Prior to working at the Institute, Sophie had been a parlor maid, working for the Atkins in a fine house in St. Johns Wood. She was very beautiful, the reason why she was chosen for the job, but it turned out to be a great disadvantage for her. The son of her employer took an interest in seducing her. She turned him away repeatedly. In a rage, he took a knife and cut open her face, saying that if he couldn't have her, he'd make sure no one ever wanted her again. She went to her mistress, the boy's mother, but he claimed that she'd tried to seduce him, and he'd taken up the knife to fight her and protect his virtue. The family then threw her out onto the street. This is where Charlotte Branwell found her, crouched in a doorway, filthy, with her cut infected and a bloody rag clutched to her cheek. She actually saw Charlotte, despite Charlotte being glamoured at the time, which is what alerted Charlotte to the fact that she had the Sight. Charlotte took her to the Silent Brothers, who managed to heal the infection but not the scar. She then took up work at the Institute.

The Infernal Devices Edit

Clockwork Angel Edit

Sophie is first seen bringing a tea-tray to Tessa Gray and Charlotte after Tessa has just woken up in the Institute. Tessa sees her scar and is shocked, which upsets Sophie. After Charlotte leaves, Sophie speaks favorably of her, then helps Tessa dress. She is next seen leading Tessa to the church crypt, and warns Tessa about Will Herondale. She then disappears before anyone notices.

Later on, Tessa meets Sophie on the stairs to the attic. Sophie is carrying two metal pails in her hands, and is livid. She tells Tessa she has been trying to get Will to take his medicine, but he refuses. She is on her way to ask Charlotte to help, when Tessa volunteers against Sophie's will. When Tessa wakes up the next day, she helps her wash and again warns her about Will. She gives Tessa advice about who she should love, and is secretly talking about her feelings for Jem. Tessa suggests that she has feelings for Thomas, and she is astonished, denying it completely and the fact that Thomas could have feelings for her. When Jem and Tessa come back to the Institute chased by the Magister's clockwork automaton, Sophie cares for Tessa. Tessa goes to see Jem, and comes out to find Sophie desperately outside the door to find out if Jem is all right. She calls Jem by his nickname, Jem, not even James, leading Tessa to realize Sophie's feelings for him. She turns down the offer to see him, embarrassed, saying that it would not be proper, and hurries off down the corridor.

After Jem and Will leave the Institute to find the Dark Sisters, Sophie, Tessa and Agatha the cook are attacked by an clockwork automaton, which buries a knife in Agatha. Sophie screams and runs to her. Together she and Tessa lift Agatha across the room, and is heard by Tessa to be screaming while at least a dozen automatons advance towards them. They are joined by Jessamine, Thomas and Nate. Tessa manages to pry Sophie's fingers off Agatha, and she is grabbed by Thomas. Jessamine is hit, and Thomas releases Sophie, screaming at her and Tessa to run to the Sanctuary, which they do. They realize they have forgotten the key, which Sophie goes to get. She comes back to find Nate unconscious after being hit by Jessamine, and the three girls go into the Sanctuary. She defends Tessa after Jessamine suggests that it is all Tessa's fault, and then hears that Thomas is most likely dead. She commences screaming at Jessamine for leaving him down there alone, when Jessamine was capable of staying and helping, calling her "selfish".

Jessamine opens the Sanctuary doors at Will's voice, but it turns out to be Axel Mortmain. Sophie screams and ducks behind a pillar, and is told by Mortmain to get out. She bravely resists, and refuses to leave without Tessa. However, Mortmain simply orders the automatons to kill both Sophie and Jessamine, and despite Sophie's efforts to run away amongst the pillars is brought down to the ground, screaming. She manages to break away, only to be jerked back. Tessa pleads with Mortmain to stop and leave them alone, at which he agrees and Sophie and Jessamine are brought downstairs. They are found here by Jem, who has returned from the mansion where Mrs. Black was hiding. Nate explains his plan to Jem, while Sophie and Jessamine watch and struggle. Jem fights the automatons, and manages to knock Nate to his knees. Nate screams at the automatons to release Sophie and Jesssamine, which they do, and cling to each other. Charlotte and Henry Branwell return, and fight off the automatons and Nate.

Clockwork Prince Edit

Sophie is first seen informing Charlotte that Brother Enoch had arrived at the Institute. After the meeting, Sophie hears the voices of Tessa and Jem. She watches them from a separate room, she is clearly in love with Jem and jealous of Tessa, as Jem loves Tessa, but shares no romantic feelings for Sophie.

On the orders of Consul Wayland, she begins to be trained by the Lightwood brothers with Tessa. She begins to fall for Gideon Lightwood as her feelings for Jem begin to fade, even feeling happy for them when he and Tessa announce their engagement. While her feelings for Gideon are obviously reciprocated, she is quite conflicted because of what she believes their relationship to be doomed due to their very different social status. However, she does agree to meet him in London for a picnic.

Clockwork Princess Edit

Sophie brings Gideon's lunch to his room, he asks her why she has been avoiding him. Before he can continue to talk to her, Henry burst in to tell Gideon that his brother, Gabriel is here and asking for him. Gideon also asked Sophie to bring him lots of scones around this time because she was still a servant and therefore he would be able to talk to her. Gideon later asks her to marry him and Sophie agrees.

In the last chapter Sophie Ascends and becomes able to marry Gideon.

Personality Edit

Sophie is a kind, often shy girl, though can be outspoken at times. She has a kind heart, and can often see through a person's facade to what is underneath. She is also self-conscious due to her scar. Because of her last employer she often feels uncomfortable in the presence of the men.

Physical description Edit

Sophie is described as slender, with dark hair and eyes that are a "luminous dark hazel". She is very pretty, but her beauty is marred by the thick, silvery ridged scar which slashes from the left corner of her mouth to her temple, pulling her face sideways and distorting her features into a twisted mask. When meeting her people are often shocked about her scar, something Sophie does not like.

Relationships Edit

Gideon Lightwood Edit

Gideon & Sophie
Gideon giving Sophie a kiss.

Gideon Lightwood is a Shadowhunter who was first introduced in Clockwork Prince. He is the eldest of the Lightwood children and has spent the past few months leading up to Clockwork Prince studying at the Madrid Institute before his father called him back to London. He is forced by his father into helping train Tessa and Sophie. During the training sessions, he primarily trains Sophie while Gabriel trains Tessa. He begins developing feelings for Sophie during their training sessions and they begin stepping out in secret, Sophie meeting with him on her days off. Her feelings for Jem begin to disappear because of her developing feeling for Gideon and is even happy when Tessa and Jem announce their engagement. Gideon is in love with her, he even tells her his family secrets and casts away his family ring, and at the end of Clockwork Prince, she seems to confirm that she reciprocates his feelings.

Sophie has a difficult time around Gideon when he lives at the Institute, embarrassed that he saw her working as a servant. The two of them had an argument when she found out that he was having her bring scones to him and not eating them.

They next argued when Sophie found Gideon and Gabriel looking through Charlotte's letters to trick the Consul. She told them that she was more loyal to Charlotte then she was to them, but was convinced not to tell when she read the letters and started laughing.

Sophie was stunned when Gideon declared his intention to marry her, but reminded him that he did not propose to her as a proposal is asking her. He then proposed and she said yes.

Sophie Ascended to be a Shadowhunter and married Gideon. The two of them had three children together and both of them passed away in the twentieth century.

Jem Carstairs Edit

James "Jem" Carstairs is a Shadowhunter at the London Institute, and an employer of Sophie. He is kind to her, as he is to everyone, but does not seem to have any romantic feelings towards her. However, Sophie is in love with Jem, despite knowing that he doesn't love her back. She never tells anyone directly, but her feelings are sometimes made obvious, such as her calling him by his first name.

Charlotte Branwell Edit

Charlotte, head of the Institute, is a kind employer, and a good friend to Sophie ever since she rescued her from the streets of London. She is described by Charlotte as her "good angel", admonishing Charlotte when she is too blunt. Sophie often speaks favorably of Charlotte.

Will Herondale Edit

Will Herondale is another Shadowhunter at the Institute, and parabatai to Jem. He and Sophie appear to hate each other, whether this is due to a past incident or not is unclear. She once says he reminds her of her last employer, the one who gave her the scar. She says he was proud like Will, and always got what he wanted. If he didn't get what, then (she fingers her scar). She likens him to a poisonous snake, with really bright markings which point out how poisonous it is. She says "all that pretty face and whatnot just hides how twisted up and rotten he is on the inside". She at one point says to Tessa he is "downright nasty". Later on when she learns of Will's curse, she begins to feel sorry for him and no longer hates him and instead began to pity him.

Thomas Edit

Thomas is a servant at the Institute, also with a touch of the Sight. He is a pleasant, cheerful young man, who is in love with Sophie. She does not realize this, and is baffled when Tessa suggests it, she does not return his feelings. However she is distraught when he dies, defending her, Tessa, Agatha and Jessamine. Sophie later gave birth to a son, who was named Thomas.

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