Sona Carstairs (née Turan) is the Shadowhunter wife of Elias Carstairs and the mother of Alastair and Cordelia.[1]


Sona was born in Tehran, Iran. Being an only child, she was spoiled and accustomed to getting her way. At one point, she married Theodor Verlac, who died and left her a widow. Rumors spread that Sona had poisoned him. She eventually remarried to Elias Carstairs, who did not believe the rumors,[1] with whom she had two children.



  • Sona's favorite weapon is the shamshir.[1]
  • Sona is Persian (or Iranian, as she would be known in modern times).[3][4][5]
  • Having lived in Persia, some Islam and Qur'an stories have been blended into Sona's beliefs,[6] though she is not exactly Muslim as Shadowhunters do not conform to any mundane religion and have their own where they worship Raziel.[7]
  • According to a found family tree, she supposedly died in 1911 at the age of 60 or 61. Her name on the family tree was Colette Verlac.[8] Whether she is/was/will still be known as Colette in the story, or if this is being retconned in favor of a name change is still unknown.


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