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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised.
Simon Lewis
Portrayed by Robert Sheehan
CJ 09 September Simon
Biographical Information
Age: 17 (as of 2008)
Status: Alive
Alias: Daylighter
Simon Maccabeus
Nickname/s: Si (by Rebecca Lewis)
Species: Shadowhunter (by 2009)
Mundane (former)
Daylighter vampire (former)
Occupation: Student, Band member
Residence: Brooklyn, New York City
Allegiance: Lightwood family
Fray family
Family: Unnamed father †
Elaine Lewis (mother)
Rebecca Lewis (sister)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'10"[1]
Magnus tells me I was a hero. And I see on your face when you're looking at me that you're searching for that guy. The guy you knew who was a hero, who did great things. I don't remember doing those things. I don't know if that makes me not a hero anymore. But I'd like to try to be that guy again.

–Simon to Isabelle, City of Heavenly Fire

Simon Lewis is Clary Fray's best friend. A mundane when they were originally introduced to the Shadow World, Simon was once turned into a vampire, and later to a Daylighter. After a turn of events, Simon's immortality was taken away, along with his memories. To help him regain these memories, Simon Ascended and became a Shadowhunter himself.


Early life

Simon was born into a Jewish family in New York. He is the second and youngest[2] child of Elaine Lewis and her late husband, after his sister Rebecca. When he was six, he met Clary Fray and the pair became inseparable best friends. He soon developed romantic feelings for her and pined for her for the next ten years without voicing his feelings.

Simon is also the bassist of the band he had formed with his friends in their sophomore year: Eric, Matt, Kirk, and, later, Jordan.

Shadow World

Simon had long been planning to tell Clary how he felt for her but never quite found the right moment. One night, at the Pandemonium Club, things turn for the worse when Clary claimed to see people he can't; one of them being particularly interested in Clary. When Clary's mother disappeared and the Shadowhunters finally revealed themselves, both were thrown into the strange Shadow World.

The day after the Pandemonium Club incident; while at Java Jones, listening to Eric's poetry reading, Simon is just about to tell Clary about his feelings for her, when at that moment, Clary leaves to confront Jace, the Shadowhunter she met at the Pandemonium Club, whom Simon cannot see. Simon does not see her until three days later, when Simon was hiding in Luke's backyard and is apprehended by Jace, thinking he was an intruder. Clary and Jace where at Luke’s house to sneak in through the back door. Simon is upset at Clary for her sudden disappearance, lack of communication and accuses her of shacking up with Jace. Clary tells Simon about the Shadow World and everything that has happened and Simon in turn explains that Luke said she had gone upstate to stay with relatives and had seen Luke pack a bag full of weapons. Simon knew something was wrong and had decided to keep an eye on Luke’s house. They break into Luke’s house and while inside Simon notices that Luke is on his way back and they manage to hide. Luke returns along with two men that Jace recognizes.

Later Simon is brought along, because of Clary's insistence, to the New York Institute by Jace and Clary. There, he met the beautiful Isabelle Lightwood with whom Simon showed interest in, hoping to make Clary jealous. Over dinner Simon also meets Hodge Starkweather and Alec Lightwood. The next morning, after Clary and Jace met with the Silent Brothers, the gang meets for breakfast at Taki's, including Simon who had shown up at the Institute. After this, Simon and Isabelle go to Central Park to see the faerie circles.

After meeting the others, Simon gets his first taste of the Downworld at a party thrown by Magnus Bane which they attend seeking answers for Clary. After drinking a blue drink, while with Isabelle, Simon turned into a rat and was taken by a vampire, thinking he was one of theirs. Jace and Clary break into the vampire's lair, Hotel Dumort to save Simon. While fighting with the vampires the Werewolves also break into the hotel looking for Clary. During the raid to save him from the vampires, Simon bit Raphael Santiago, a vampire, unwittingly making him a fledgling. Jace, Clary and Simon return to the Institute, where a furious Hodge is waiting for them. He lectures them on their actions and ends up tending to their injuries.

Simon soon learns of Clary's growing affection for Jace. After a heated argument with her, Simon finally tells her how he feels and leaves before she could respond. When Clary needed his help afterwards, though, he still obliged, borrowing his friend Eric's van and drove them to Madame Dorothea. He also saved the Shadowhunters from the Greater Demon Abbadon, the demon of the Abyss, by shooting one of Alec's arrows at the skylight and letting the sunlight chase it away.

When Simon and the gang were lead to believe that Clary and Jace were siblings, Simon finally attempted to form a romantic relationship with Clary.

Throughout the first half of City of Ashes, Simon constantly feels sick and soon comes to the conclusion that he might be changing into a vampire. Simon subconsciously goes to the Hotel Dumort and is bitten and nearly killed by Raphael’s clan, but is saved by Raphael. Raphael takes what is left of Simon to the Institute and gives Clary, Jace, and Isabelle the option to either let Simon die or have him resurrected as a vampire. Clary decides it would be best to bury him in a Jewish cemetery and let him rise as a vampire.

Simon had just been Turned into a vampire when he is kidnapped by Valentine and taken to his ship along with Maia for the Ritual of Infernal Conversion. Valentine drained him of his blood, but not enough to kill him. He was found by Jace Lightwood, who ultimately gave him his blood, unwittingly giving Simon the ability to walk in the sun, giving him his title "Daylighter".[3]

Imprisoned in Idris

In City of Glass, Simon goes to the Institute to meet with Jace. While there, the Institute is attacked by Forsaken. He is injured, so Jace bring him along through the portal and into Alicante with them. The Lightwoods are led to believe that Simon will be sent back to New York through a portal; But instead he is locked up by Inquisitor Aldertree at the Gard when he refuses to lie for him, against the Lightwoods. Aldertree uses Jewish religious symbols to hold Simon prisoner by carving them into the cell bars and walls. While imprisoned he commiserates with his neighbor in the cell next to his, who calls himself Samuel Blackburn. Samuel tells Simon that the name "Daylighter" is a Downworlder word and that there are legends about it.

During his stretch in prison Isabelle brings Simon bottles of cow's blood to tide him over whilst they plot an escape plan .She leaves notes with the bottles scrawling numerous 'XO' 's underneath her messages .These small shows of affection do not go unnoticed by the daylighter .

Raphael appears in Simon's cell as a projection and tells him that he is a valuable commodity now and Downworlders want to get their hands on him but that to him, he is an abomination and a danger to vampire kind for being able to walk in sunlight. He tells Simon that when he is set free, if he disappears and hides he will not harm him. Simons refuses Raphael's offer. After Valentine's sends demons to attack Alicante Jace, Clary and Alec, free Simon and Samuel, who turns out to be Hodge Starkweather. Jace and Alec confront Hodge. While Hodge confesses to them Valentine's plan, "Sebastian" kills Hodge. They realize that Sebastian is a spy for Valentine and a fight ensues where Sebastian proves to be stronger then all of them. Simon bit him during the fight and comments that Sebastian's blood tastes like poison.

The Mark of Cain

The Clave decided to fight Valentine, by using Clary's binding rune for Shadowhunters and Downworlders to share their powers and fight beside each other. Raphael shows up as a projection at the Hall of Accords and tells Luke, Jocelyn and Clary that The Night Children will fight in the battle only if they give him Simon. They refuse to hand Simon over to Raphael. Luke tells Raphael that he will not buy the vampires cooperation with an innocent life. Raphael vanishes. Simon having watched from behind a pillar and listened to the conversation, takes Clary aside and asks her to mark him with The first Mark, The Mark of Cain. Clary initially tells Simon no, but Simon insists and reminds her that he is now a vampire, a Downworlder and she is a Shadowhunter and that the fight belongs to both of them. Simon also states that he is doing it for the vampires, so they won't be left out of the new Council. A reluctant Clary, realizing that he will turn himself over to Raphael with or without her help, Marks him.

Maia then leads Simon through the forest in Idris to the vampire camp. Raphael upon seeing Simon tells Maia to let Luke know that they will fight. Once Maia has left, Raphael proceeds to try to Kill Simon. Simon stops Raphael and points out the The first Mark, The Mark of Cain. Raphael thinks that Luke has played a trick on him; then Simon explains that it was him who chose it. Raphael is baffled and talks to him about Cain's punishment. Once Raphael and the vampires have accepted that they can't kill Simon, they tell him that he will have to fight along side them in the battle.


Prior to the beginning of City of Fallen Angels, Simon had been dating both Isabelle and Maia at the same time. Unable to tell both about the other, he continues dating them, unsure of how serious the girls are about him.

While on a date with Isabelle in a diner called Veselka, they notice two men staring at them. Isabelle states that they are human subjugates, half human servants that vampires use to help them feed. Isabelle becomes protective of Simon, even calling herself his girlfriend, when the subjugates approach Simon and ask him to come with them under orders from their master. Simon goes with the human subjugates, Archer and Walker thinking that its Raphael summoning him. It turns out that it was Camille Belcourt. She makes him an offer to join her against Raphael, which he tells her he needs time to think it over. 

The following day at Eric's garage, the band now knows that Simon is a vampire, and they discuss Simon’s “sexy vampire mojo”, as dubbed by Kirk, in reference to Simon dating Isabelle and Maia at the same time. "Kyle", under the pretense that he found one of Matt’s old fliers, applies to sing with the band. Clary convinces Simon and the others to let Kyle try out, and points out that he is good looking. Later that day after he drops Clary off at Luke’s house Simon is attacked by a guy in a track suit. Simon thinks it's a mugger. The Mark protects him and kills the mugger. 

Back at home, Simon is confronted by his mother. While he tried to explain to her that even though he is a vampire, he is still her son, he realized that his mother was afraid of him, so he left. Simon then contacted Raphael, asking him for help. Raphael won't help him because he doesn't act like his kind, a vampire, he points out that he has not accepted that he is dead. Simon then hints that he has had other offers and was going to tell him about Camille but decided not to. Simon ended up sleeping in Eric's garage where Kyle then appeared, apparently looking for his keys. Kyle then offers him a place to stay.

After moving in, Simon gets comfortable in his new place. Shortly afterwards, he learns that Kyle is actually a werewolf and was particularly interested in him as he was assigned as a guardian by the Praetor Lupus, a self-policing organization of the Downworlders. Shortly afterwards, he and Eric's band play a gig at which Simon, running low on blood, exits the stage mid-song. Afterwards, Maureen finds him backstage and Simon, losing control, bites her and drinks her blood. Kyle finds him and, disgusted by Simon's actions, sends him out so he can deal with Maureen. He runs into a band promoter named Satrina, who suggests at some point they work together. Following this, Isabelle and Simon meet outside, Simon still guilt-ridden, and Maia, having been given a flyer advertising the gig, turns up and sees them together. The girls piece together that he has been dating both of them; though neither said they were exclusive, they are both furious and simultaneously dump him. Their argument is interrupted by Kyle, whom Maia identifies as Jordan, her abusive ex-boyfriend. She attacks him and Isabelle is forced to stop her from killing him. Later, Jordan admits he had volunteered for Simon's case because he wanted a chance to see Maia again, and try and make up for what he had done. Later, they receive a menacing message telling Simon his girlfriend is being held hostage. Simon checks with Isabelle and Maia, and finds both to be safe. Bemused, he decides it to be nothing more than a sick joke. He later aids the Shadowhunters in capturing Camille, found guilty of murdering Shadowhunters. Later, in the Institute's Sanctuary, the only part he is able to enter, he talks with Isabelle and Magnus. Isabelle confesses that she was aware of her father having cheated on her mother about ten years ago, when she had been pregnant with Max, out of resentment for her ruining his reputation by forcing him into the Circle, She also admits she had dated Simon believing him still to love Clary. She tells him she is reluctant to commit to any relationship, and even fears for her brothers when they do so. Simon, still with hope of fixing things between them, says that he does truly care about her. They seem momentarily back to normal, until Isabelle notices he is still bothered by something (his attack on Maureen) and leaves. Magnus, when they talk, mentions the fact that one day, as two immortals, they will be all that remain of the group. Simon discovers later that Maureen has been found dead, and initially assumes it to be his fault, though he later finds that she was in fact the hostage held against him, after telling people at concerts that she was his girlfriend to impress them. Simon is guilt-stricken, having been too concerned about Isabelle and Maia to consider her. He and Jordan attend Jocelyn and Luke's engagement party. Simon attempts to make peace with Maia and meets with a degree of success. He later meets Maureen, resurrected and now a vampire, who takes him to Lilith's lair. Lilith was, in fact, the band promoter who met with Simon. Lilith tells him his Daylighter powers can resurrect the dead under the correct circumstances, and uses a captive Clary, brought to the scene by a possessed Jace, to force Simon to help her revive Sebastian (Jonathan). Due to Jace's resurrection, Sebastian may now be brought back. Simon bites Sebastian and begins the ritual to revive him, though Sebastian's blood poisons him. Jace, freed from possession by Clary, intervenes, and Lilith subsequently attacks Clary to force him to submit. Simon stops her as she goes to strike Clary with her whip, and the Mark of Cain destroys her. Simon later reunites with Isabelle, who has persuaded the rest of the gang to try and find him, and despite their previous arguments, Isabelle is overwhelmingly relieved to have him back and embraces him in front of the rest of the group. They later share a moment in the lobby that suggests something deeper could be forming between them when they are interrupted by the arrival of the Conclave. Simon is left to fade into the background during these proceedings, leaving him missing the sense of belonging he has in the Shadow World when around Isabelle.

Heroism and Self-Sacrifice

At the beginning of City of Lost Souls, Simon tries to return to his old house, only to find his mother has put up religious symbols to stop him, thinking he is an imposter and monster who has killed her son. Two weeks later, he is there for support as the others desperately search for Jace and Sebastian. He and Isabelle are forming a deepening connection, and at her advice he is spending nights over at Clary's to keep her company. He accompanies Clary, Isabelle and Alec to meet with the Seelie Queen, who asks them to steal her a pair of faerie rings from the Institute, in return for which she will tell them what she can about Jace's whereabouts. Simon later discusses the matter of his family with Maia and Jordan- Maia, now no longer angry with him for cheating on her, advises him to get in touch with his sister before his mother makes her think he really is a monster. When he later meets with Isabelle, she gives him similar advice. They are interrupted by Clary and Alec. When Clary tells them she saw Jace and Sebastian at the Institute, and that Jace seemed on good terms with Sebastian, they decide to talk to Magnus after Clary tells them she left before procuring the rings. Following this, he meets with Raphael, who asks if he will become his bodyguard, seeking someone who can protect him from Camille. When he refuses, Raphael tells him he is too friendly with Shadowhunters and warns him that should he ever lose his Mark, he will be at the head of a very long line of potential murderers. He meets Clary at Taki's by her request later, and she tells him that she has in fact got hold of the faerie rings, and was planning on going after Sebastian and Jace, and using the rings to get word back. Simon is unable to deter her, and he eventually agrees to help, taking one of the rings. He then hears Isabelle is at Magnus' and goes to be with her. He finds her asleep at Magnus', drunk but, when she wakes up briefly, pleased to see him. The next morning, he is relieved to find himself able to talk to Clary through their rings. Those at breakfast in Magnus' apartment later deduce that he spent the night with Isabelle, though they reassure them nothing happened. They also decide, after realizing no earthly weapon can harm Sebastian but not Jace, to raise the demon Azazel, and try to gain help from him. Jocelyn also discovers Clary is gone, and that Simon knew of it. They argue until Isabelle intervenes, and Jocelyn leaves to go to the station. Simon, Magnus and the others summon Azazel, and he takes from them as part of a deal for his help a happy memory from them each, and says he can free them from the burden of Sebastian without harming Jace if they are prepared to free him into the world. They banish him temporarily and agree this cannot be done. Simon, meanwhile, spends another night with Isabelle. Simon, having not drunk for some time, is worried he will hurt Isabelle if they take things further. She offers her own blood to him, and tells him this is a part of him she accepts, and that she wants to be with him regardless. He bites her, a sensation she says was in fact enjoyable, and they fall asleep together. When they recall Azazel and tell him they shall not help him, Simon accidentally strays inside the pentagram, and Azazel prepares to kill him when Simon shows him his Mark. Azazel concedes that he cannot harm him, and disappears. Subsequently, Simon suggests that he should attempt to summon Raziel, given that he cannot be harmed. Magnus is unsure of whether or not Heaven's protection will work against an angel, and they argue until Isabelle backs Simon up, having shared an intimate moment with him just before. They decide to head to Luke's farm upstate to do this. Simon first meets with his sister, Rebecca, and tells her of his Turning. She accepts this, and the two make peace. Simon, Magnus, Alec and Isabelle then head up to Luke's farm. Simon says his goodbyes and summons Raziel, who like Azazel is about to kill Simon when he notices the Mark on his forehead. Raziel gives him a sword named Glorious filled with heavenly fire to shatter the connection between Jace and Sebastian. In return he removes Simon's Mark of Cain. This causes Simon to go to ground in pain, and Isabelle, fearing he is dead, rushes out to meet him. They both express their relief that his curse is gone. On the drive back, Simon finally hears from Clary, and she relays Sebastian's plans to him. They split up to gather reinforcements to head to fight Sebastian at the Seventh Sacred Site. There, Simon gives Clary Glorious and she stabs Jace with it, severing his connection to Sebastian and nearly killing him.

Idris Again

At the beginning of City of Heavenly Fire, Simon is unsure of where he and Isabelle stand. When he seeks Clary's advice on the matter, she tells him to 'DTR' (define the relationship), an acronym it seems everyone he knows is annoyingly aware of. When news reaches them that Institutes are coming under attack, Simon watches on as the others prepare to leave for Idris to escape the threat of Sebastian's Endarkened and form a plan. He and Isabelle discuss their situation before they leave, and how she could potentially hurt him in a relationship. Simon admits he was aware of such a danger, and that he stuck around in spite of this. She gives him her necklace to wear while she is gone as protection, and as a reminder of her.

While with Jordan and Maia at their apartment, Endarkened call on them, and Simon, alerted to the danger by Isabelle's necklace, is forced to flee the apartment. He is apprehended by a group of Maureen's vampires, and brought to the Hotel Dumort, where Maureen, seemingly unhinged, intends to force him into a relationship. He is later rescued by Raphael, who intends to bring him to Idris to speak to the Inquisitor on behalf of the Night's Children. Simon is initially distrustful- Raphael had, of course, threatened to kill him if he ever lost his Mark of Cain, and it seems the kind of good deed Raphael would never do. He eventually agrees to help Raphael, who is seeking to displace Maureen at the head of the clan, and they travel by Portal to Idris. They arrive in the midst of Shadowhunters going to the rescue of the Iron Sisters. Isabelle, not permitted to go on account of her age, finds him in the street, and they both head back to her family's house so Simon can explain what happened to him. Isabelle lets him borrow some of Alec's clothes to swap for the feminine romance-novel outfit Maureen had given him. Momentarily forgetting their worries, they joke about Simon's bizarre clothes, and the two of them quickly fall into bed together, but are interrupted by Alec. He is initially horrified to find Simon and Isabelle together in his room, but quickly puts the matter aside and tells them those at the Iron Citadel are returning. Simon, shocked to find out that Jace and Clary had gone to the battle, asks why Isabelle didn't tell him. She is angry over taking the blame for this, and takes her necklace back from Simon. They travel to the Basilias, where the wounded are, and presumably where the injured Jace will be. Raphael talks with Simon again, but Simon quickly forgets him when he sees Clary close to death after saving Jace's life with an iratze. He also learns of Jordan's death. Later, after obtaining drugged blood from Raphael, Simon, acting in a similar manner to a drunk, goes back to Isabelle's house and tells her that he loves her. Isabelle, aware that he is not himself, sets nothing by it, and Robert Lightwood, the Inquisitor, comes out to shoo him away. Isabelle vouches for him, and Robert says he will speak to him tomorrow at the meeting, if he has sobered up.

He is present at the Council meeting, and following Sebastian's proposals of peace in return for Jace and Clary, Simon tells the Council that most Downworlders would indeed turn on the Clave if their representatives were killed. Later, when Emma tells them about Edom, and they discover the way there through the Seelie Court, Simon accompanies the others as they invade the Court and find the path to the demon dimension.


Upon entering Edom, Simon, along with the others, is shown a vision of his perfect life, and also like the others, the vision has one key flaw that shows it to not be real. Simon sees himself as a successful musician and celebrity. He also is together with Clary. Despite the vision, he still is in love with Isabelle, and upon realizing this the vision melts away. They later settle into a cave network Marked with runes, and Simon and Isabelle are sent to explore one of the tunnels. Isabelle tells him she wishes he had stayed in New York, away from danger, and that she worries he is only here for Clary. Simon tells her it is worth danger to be near her, and almost tells her he loves her, when they discover what lies outside the cave: a huge grouping of demons and what appears to be a demonic city. After Jace investigates and almost destroys himself with heavenly fire, Simon is horrified to see Clary rush after him, and immensely relieved when he sees she has survived and saved Jace. They later go to investigate the demonic Alicante they had found, they find in the Accords Hall a weapon called a skeptron, which Simon warns Jace against taking. They are attacked by demons, and Simon breaks and loses the blood he had brought. When Isabelle is mortally wounded in the fighting, they return to the caves and Simon is able to save her by using his own blood, which as a Daylighter has restorative powers. Alec feels indebted to him, and when it later comes up that Simon no longer has blood to drink, Alec offers his own. Privately, he reassures Simon that he does not dislike him as a person, and that in their own way he and Isabelle are perfect for each other. When Isabelle has woken up, the two of them find themselves alone together, and they both share what they saw after crossing over to the demon realm. Isabelle is initially disgusted to hear of Simon's vision, though aware that each vision was in some way wrong, and quickly forgives him. The two finally "DTR" and admit their love for each other. Alec again walks in on them kissing, and despite his earlier comments is once again horrified by what he is seeing.

Becoming a Shadowhunter

When everyone went to Edom in City of Heavenly Fire, Sebastian sealed all the exits. In order to leave, Magnus Bane summoned his father, the Prince of Hell Asmodeus. The demon did as they asked, but wanted something in return. Asmodeus wanted Simon's immortality and memories. Therefore, after the demon brought them back to their realm, Simon would remember nothing of them, and would no longer be a Daylighter vampire; he would be a mundane again. Eventually, Isabelle and Magnus went up to Simon after he was finished with school and told him everything about the Shadow World, then asked him to become a Shadowhunter. Magnus said Simon would be the perfect candidate and the Clave would approve. The following year, Simon drank from the Mortal Cup and became a Shadowhunter, and truly became part of the gang. As of 2009, Simon has already become a Shadowhunter.

Personality and traits

Prior to their lives being changed by the Shadowhunter World, Simon was an open geek and the bass player of a garage band. He was described as cute but doesn't even realize it. He had been a vegetarian since he was 10 years old. He also often quoted different "nerdy" things, like Dungeons and Dragons. He can be sarcastic and describes himself as witty and ironic.

At one point after being Turned into a vampire, he started dating Isabelle and Maia at the same time. Isabelle somehow excited him and intimidated him. She also forced him out of his geeky clothing. He liked Maia, on the other hand, because she was grounded and genuine and still likes doing normal things, treating and making Simon feel normal. And yet, even though he liked both girls at the same time, he admits that both girls are opposites.

Simon struggles with having been Turned into a vampire. He forgets to feed and one could say he even avoids it. He does not associate with other vampires nor does he have knowledge about their kind. He tries to lead a normal human life since he can walk in daylight. He doesn't understand how Raphael and Camille can use the word "God". When it relates to his Jewish faith he feels like he has been stripped of his "self-possession".

Simon has demonstrated that he can be courageous, in City of Bones, he saves Jace, Alec, Isabelle and Clary by using Alec's bow against the Greater Demon Abbadon. He has experience in Archery (six years of archery camp). In City of Ashes, Simon is transformed not only into a vampire and subsequently into the Daylighter but you see him get bolder and stand up to Valentine. In City of Glass Simon not only evidences his loyalty and bravery but also his understanding of his unique position and uses it, when he asks Clary to put "The First Mark, The Mark of Cain" on him so he can be protected from Raphael and the other vampires that want him dead. Simon does this so he can turn himself over to the vampires and induce the vampires to fight along side the rest of the Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Simon wanted to insure that the Night Children would be a part of the new Council. In City of Fallen Angels Simon is willing to sacrifice his life to save Clary and Jace by giving up his blood as demanded by Lilith, who wants to resurrect Sebastian Morgenstern. Simon can be considered Heroic when in City of Lost Souls, he is willing to raise the Angel Raziel in order to save Jace, he ends up giving up The Mark, "The Mark of Cain" to the Angel in exchange for the sword of the Archangel Michael "Glorious" which separates Jace from Sebastian (Jonathan). Simon does this knowing that Raphael has sworn that if he ever loses The Mark, that Raphael will be first in line to kill him, Simon proves that he is selfless and truly cares for his friends in doing this.

While a vampire, he also worried about life after his friends were gone, and found the prospect of remaining sixteen forever while the others, with the exception of Magnus, aged and died, daunting. This may have accounted for his readiness to offer up his own immortality at the end of City of Heavenly Fire. Despite this, he continued to snub the company of other vampires in favour of his friends.

Physical description

Codex Simon

Simon is said to be good-looking, though gangly, with both his hair and eyes a dark, coffee colored brown.

Simon often wore casual clothes, with characteristic word shirts. When he began dating Isabelle, Simon began wearing leather jackets instead of hoodies, and designer boots instead of sneakers. Upon getting the Mark of Cain on his forehead, Simon had grown his hair long to cover the Mark. Being a vampire also somehow enhanced Simon's charm and general attractiveness. While he was considered merely "cute", in a nerdy way, as a mundane, Simon had been called handsome and hot as a vampire. Isabelle mentions that where before he looked disheveled, he possesses an attractive look that suggests he has just gotten out of bed ("someone else's bed") Simon also no longer needs to wear glasses since his Turning.



  • Daylight walking: Through angel blood, particularly an excess concentration compared to other Shadowhunters, ingested from Jace Herondale, Simon once became a Daylighter. As a Daylighter, Simon became a vampire who can walk under the sun.
  • Resurrection: As a Daylighter, Simon also had the power to bring back the dead, an ability which he would have needed to use with caution and sparingly as the balance between the light and the dark, life and death, is tampered with when people are brought back to life.
  • Healing: Simon had the ability to heal grievous wounds.
  • Mark of Cain: During Simon's days as a Daylighter, he was also Marked, although temporarily, with the Mark of Cain. It protected him from danger, as anyone who tried to harm him would receive the damage sevenfold. This was also a curse, however, as it also made him a Wanderer, as was the case when his mother pushed him away. The Mark was taken from him by the Angel Raziel.

  • Fascination: As a vampire, Simon was capable of mesmerizing mundanes through the vampire ability also known as encanto, though he was quite new at it and needed practice; even though he was able to perform encanto on his own mother, it did not last.
  • Heightened senses: After his Turning, his vision improved beyond 20/20 and he no longer needed glasses. He can see in complete darkness, smell blood from a few yards away, and hear whispered comments from some distance away with perfect clarity.
  • Superhuman strength: After his Turning, Simon became stronger, able to overpower even Shadowhunters, like Clary and Jace, with ease.
  • Superhuman speed: Simon can run at speeds comparable to Shadowhunters. His reflexes are similarly heightened.
  • Shape-shifting: Simon has the ability to shape-shift into a rat, bat, dust, etc.


  • One faerie ring: Simon owned a faerie ring for a month, keeping it even after the ring lost its functional magic. Before he lost his memories and immortality, however, he returned the ring to Clary.


Love interests

Bat says I shouldn't be so hard on you. He says guys do stupid things when girls are involved. Especially geeky ones who previously haven't had much luck with women.

Maia to Simon, City of Fallen Angels

There are things we want, down under what we know, under even what we feel. There are things our souls want, and mine wants you.

–Simon to Isabelle, City of Heavenly Fire

Simon meets her at the New York Institute in City of Bones and in her sees a potential opportunity to either make Clary Fray, his friend and long-time crush, jealous, or to get over her. They briefly go out, until at one of Magnus Bane's Downworld parties he drinks a spiked beverage to impress her and is turned into a rat. They move on from this and to an extent become friends, this heightening when Simon is bitten and Turned into a vampire, getting deeper into their world. Later, in City of Glass, he is brought to Idris and imprisoned by the Inquisitor. She personally brings him blood to see him through his imprisonment. When he finally is freed and returns to Alicante, he finds Isabelle grieving over the death of her brother Max. He tries to help her through this, being the only one she allows into her room to see her. She insists he spend the night with her to try and bring her some comfort, and this seems a turning point in their relationship, though they did nothing sexual. Later, following Valentine's demise and the end of the Mortal War, it is clear they are both interested in each other, and a couple of months later Simon is dating both her and Maia Roberts, though without either of them having knowledge about the other. When eventually the two find out about each other, they both dump him, furious about his deception. Later, he and Isabelle talk at the Institute's Sanctuary, and she feels comfortable enough to confide in him about her father's affair nine or ten years ago. When they see each other again at Luke and Jocelyn's engagement party, they both seem on reasonably good terms, and when Simon disappears to Lilith's hideout, Isabelle frantically gathers up the others to search for him. When they reunite, it is clear a deepening connection is forming between them, though they are interrupted by the arrival of the Conclave. Later, following Jace's disappearance with [[Sebastian], he is there in support for all affected, Isabelle included. Later on in the book, he and Isabelle share a bed at Magnus'. The following night, Isabelle being sober and awake, they find themselves giving into passion until Simon's lack of blood gets in the way of proceedings. She willingly lets him bite her, and they fall asleep together. Their bond deepens further, though still they refrain from admitting their feelings to each other, both of them unwilling to open up to the possibility of heartbreak. Throughout City of Heavenly Fire, they continue to struggle with, as Clary and the others call it, Defining the Relationship (DTR). Alec Lightwood, Isabelle's brother, also gets on better terms with the two of them going out, though he is embarrassed several times in the book by walking in on them at unfortunate times. In Edom, Simon saves her life from demon poison by healing her with his Daylighter blood. She is horrified by his giving himself up to Asmodeus to save the rest of them from being trapped in the demonic realm, and struggles without him there following his loss of memory and vampirism to the Greater Demon. When he regains his memory and undergoes the Ascendancy to become a Nephilim, they reunite and are happy once again.

I wanted to be with you because- and this is going to sound so selfish- you made me feel normal. Like the person I was before.

–Simon to Maia, City of Fallen Angels

The two of them meet at the werewolf bar, the Hunter's Moon. She is initially intrigued to see a mundane in their world, and pleased to see him again at Luke's house. They become friends, though midway through the book, when Simon is Turned into a vampire, she tells him, and Clary who is also present, that they are now destined to be enemies due to the feuds between werewolves and vampires. However, the two grow closer when imprisoned on Valentine's ship, and Maia is distraught when Simon has apparently been killed. By the end of the book, she apparently likes him, and Simon is willing to have a go at a relationship, if the opportunity comes along. When they meet again at a party in Idris post-Mortal War, it is clear they are mutually attracted to each other, though Maia faces competition from Isabelle Lightwood. A couple of months later, Simon is casually dating both Maia and Isabelle, without either of them having knowledge of the other. Later, Maia and Isabelle meet at one of Simon's band's performances and, upon finding out about their love triangle, they both break up with him. His relationship with Maia is further complicated by the discovery that his band's lycanthrope singer Kyle is actually Maia's ex-boyfriend Jordan. Later in the book, Maia forgives him to an extent, and a couple of weeks later the two have managed to become friends again, both of them in different relationships now, Maia having reunited with Jordan, and Simon having reconciled with Isabelle.

I finally figured out that she was never going to stop loving Jace, whether it was going to work with him or not. And I knew that if she was only with me because she couldn't have him, I'd rather be alone.

–Simon on his relationship with Clary, City of Fallen Angels

Clary had been Simon's constant companion and best friend since they were six, though unlike Clary Simon was always hopeful of taking things further, feeling they belonged together. Though he dated various girls in attempts to get over Clary or to make her jealous, he stayed in love with her, and she remained oblivious, until in the middle of an argument over her attachment to Jace in City of Bones, he brought the matter up, having realized his feelings were one-way. Upon Clary's false discovery that she and Jace were siblings, she and Simon became a couple at the beginning of City of Ashes, mainly on her part in an attempt to get over Jace. Soon, though, it became clear to both of them that despite the nature of their relationship, both Clary and Jace still had feelings for each other. He subsequently ended the relationship at the end of City of Ashes, though they remained best friends. His former relationship with her also later affects his time with Isabelle Lightwood, her feeling on occasion that he is still in love with her.


Simon meets and becomes friends with her at the age of six. The two of them grow up together, constantly keeping each other company. They are totally at ease together, though Simon is secretly nursing feelings for her that he never has the courage to mention. Eventually, in an argument he brings it up, and it adds an extra layer of awkwardness to their friendship. They briefly date afterwards, though it quickly transpires Clary does not love him back in the way he had hoped. Despite this, they remain friends, and do not begrudge each other their other relationships. Though Simon initially disliked Jace, whom Clary had fallen in love with, he grew to tolerate him after he became convinced he was devoted to Clary and not about to break her heart. Clary also advises him how to proceed in his relationships with Isabelle Lightwood and Maia Roberts. They spend slightly less time together when they enter the Shadow World, due to now being part of a wider circle of friends, and for the first time in knowing each other both being in committed relationships. Nevertheless, when in need of a confidant they almost always turn to each other.

Simon meets him when he auditions for his and Eric's band, though at first he does not know he is a werewolf, or a member of the Praetor Lupus, or even that his name is Jordan. He introduces himself simply as "Kyle," and is hired as the band's singer. Simon later moves in with him after he is thrown out of his house. When he brings Jace back to the apartment, Jace reveals "Kyle's" werewolf nature, and Simon's roommate explains about how the Praetor Lupus had sent him to watch Simon. Simon finds out his true identity from Maia when she meets him at one of Simon's gigs. Jordan later reveals he had taken the assignment because Maia was mentioned in his file. Later, Simon tries to persuade Maia to forgive Jordan in an attempt to help his lovelorn roommate. Simon is shown later on to be pleased to see Jordan reconcile with Maia, despite their recent breakup, though notes later it is awkward being around them, but not because of Maia being his ex. Though Jordan is his friend, first and foremost he is his guard, as evidenced by his telling Simon to flee the apartment after it is attacked by Endarkened. Simon blames himself following Jordan's death, feeling he had gone to the Praetor only because of him. He is given Jordan's Praetor pendant following his death.

Simon and Eric live next to each other, and in sophomore year formed a rock band. Their ban practices once a week in Eric's garage, and frequently changes name, based mainly on Eric's whims. He and Simon are said to be good friends, though not as close as he and Clary are. Eric surprisingly also remains part of Simon's life when he becomes a vampire, and is one of the few mundanes Simon told about his Turning. When Simon lost his memories, he and Eric presumably continued as they had before his introduction to the Shadow World. It is unknown if they remained friends when Simon became a Shadowhunter.

Kirk Duplesse and Matt Charlton were also Simon's friends, though Kirk was later dropped by the band in favour of Jordan Kyle. Both also knew of his vampirism, and attributed his dating two girls at once to his "sexy vampire mojo".


Simon Lewis was portrayed by Robert Sheehan in the film adaptation of City of Bones. Cassandra Clare made this update public through her Tumblr, a while after Robert had a chemistry test with Jamie and Lily. On the same post, Cassandra stated that she had always wanted Robert, of Misfits fame, to play Simon.


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  • Though, according to Lilith, Simon is not the first Daylighter to be created, he is apparently one of the first in over a hundred years.
  • Raziel referred to Simon as "Simon Maccabeus"; according to him, Simon carries the blood of the Maccabees, and their faith, calling him a "Warrior of Heaven". Raziel expressed this as a means of complimenting him—referring to his faith and his bravery.[4]
  • Early copies of City of Bones states that Simon was the youngest of three siblings; this has been corrected in later copies and written off as a mistake.[2]
  • The surname Lewis is derived from the surname of Cassandra Clare and her husband, Joshua Lewis.


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