Shadow Market
Type: Marketplace
Status: Active
Location: Los Angeles, California


The Shadow Market is a common Shadow World haunt in Los Angeles, where Downworlders and the occasional mundane with the Sight buy, sell, and trade certain wares and skills such as sorcery and illegal demon powders. The Market itself is a large square concealed from mundanes behind Kendall Alley in Old Town Pasadena.[1]


  • Johnny Rook opened his booth at the Market when he was a teenager.[2] Emma Carstairs was a frequent customer.[1]
  • Because of the Cold Peace, faeries were forbidden to do business at the Market but were still allowed to linger in the area.[1]
  • Shadowhunters typically do not mingle in or go to the Market. Whenever they come to the Market, the Downworlders, fearing arrest and/or punishment, hide any illegal materials.[1]


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