Biographical Information
Status: Immortal



Stall owner at the London Shadow Market



Physical Description
Gender: Male
Distinct feature/s:

Green skin

You may call me Shade. It's not my last name, but it will do.

Lord of Shadows

Shade is a warlock who sells his services at the London Shadow Market.


In September 2012 Shade lied to Hypatia Vex to corroborate Kit Herondale's story that he was on business from Barnabas Hale. He took Kit and the Blackthorn twins Ty and Livvy into his tent and activated the aletheia crystal they had found at Blackthorn Hall. He conversed with them while he worked, and revealed that he knew Kit was the lost Herondale. He spoke of the Herondales as if he'd some of them in the past.

When the Shadowhunters were called out by Barnabas and the angry denizens of the Shadow Market, Shade tried to defend them but was waved away by Barnabas. He disappeared in the ensuing battle.[1]

Physical description

Shade hides his true appearance by wearing a massive robe, along with a cloak, gloves and a hood. He also wears a mask to disguise his face beneath the hood, but after removing his glove he is seen to have green skin by Kit.


  • Magic: As a warlock Shade is able to perform magic.



  • Shade possibly worked with Shadowhunters in the past, as he knew the incantation to activate an aletheia crystal, an object used by them to hold evidence.


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