SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!
The Riders of Mannan have done the bidding of the Unseelie King for a thousand years. In that time many have fallen to our blades, and we have spared none for any reason, not for age or weakness or infirmity of body. We will not spare you now.

Karn - Lord of Shadows

The Seven Riders, also known as The Riders of Mannan or the King's Hounds, are faeries who have served the Unseelie King for a thousand years.


The Seven Riders of Mannan have lived almost since the beginning of time. They are the children of Mannan, who they claim is an ancient god. They are much older, and much more powerful, than the Wild Hunt. In the old days, they hunted giants and monsters, but chose to serve the Unseelie King as his assassins.

The Riders are ruthless with their targets, and are considered the assassins of the Unseelie Court. Once they have a whiff of their prey, they can follow them across miles of sea, earth, and sky in order to kill them. Usually the Riders sleep beneath a hill until they are wakened at times of war.

In 2012, the Riders were sent after the Blackthorn family to retrieve the Black Volume of the Dead for the Unseelie King. They split into two groups, with Karn, Etarlam and Eochaid going after Ty and Livia Blackthorn and Kit Herondale in London, while Delan, Ethna, Airmed and Fal went after Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn in Cornwall.

In Cornwall, the Riders fought Emma and Julian until Emma killed Fal with her sword Cortana. This shocked the Riders, as no one had ever been able to harm one of them. In London, the Riders were intercepted by Gwyn ap Nudd and Diana Wrayburn, and forced to leave. All six remaining Riders later attacked the Blackthorns in London, using a human child to lure them out of the Institute. They almost succeeded in killing the Blackthorns until Annabel Blackthorn arrived and drove them away with her knowledge of the Unseelie King's name (a faerie could be rendered under someone's control if their name was revealed).[1]


The Seven Riders all have bronze skin and hair, and wear half masks of gleaming metal. They resemble faeries, but are taller and bigger, and each Rider wears a massive sword at their waist. According to Kit Herondale they are beautiful but bizarre and unearthly.

Known members


  • Although the Riders are faeries, they are wild magic and can lie.
  • The Riders are often mistaken for the Wild Hunt because of their flying horses.
  • Seraph blades explode when they come in contact with the Riders.


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