Sepulchre Bar is a bar in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

In August 2012, the Guardian told Johnny Rook to tip off Emma Carstairs about a body drop—one potentially related to her parents' murders to get her interested—being expected by the bar. He also sold this information to Diego Rosales.

Meanwhile, Diego had been waiting in the alleys around the bar for days when he saw Followers of the Guardian attacking Ava Leigh. He fought the Followers off, and he followed Ava when the girl ran.

Later that evening, the courtyard of the bar was rented out for a private birthday party. Iarlath, who ended up there while hunting for the killer, went through the crowd, charming them into giving him valuable jewelry. Emma and Cristina were scouting on the roof of the bar when they spotted him. Emma dropped a bag on Iarlath's head, undoing the glamour and exposing his true appearance to the mundane partygoers. Iarlath's tree-like appearance caused a panic and the mundanes fled.

With the premises vacated, Emma confronted Iarlath and demanded to search him for any illegal weapons and/or substances. Iarlath then brought up Mark Blackthorn's name to distract her and ran. Emma went after him but stopped when she saw the corpse—covered in the demonic language similar to that of her parents' bodies. Emma and Cristina then called the Silent Brothers and the Los Angeles Institute tutor, Diana Wrayburn, to continue the investigation. While the Silent Brothers would not allow Emma to examine the body, Cristina took photos of it with her phone.