The Seelie Court is a division of faeries and their land, along with the Unseelie Court. They are led by the Queen of the Seelie Court.

Because of the mysterious nature of the Fair Folk, not much is known about them. However, in comparison to the Unseelie Court, Seelie Court faeries are seen as generally "good", mainly because they are less evil and possess a more lighthearted attitude than their Unseelie counterparts.

Seelie Court faeries expect courtesy and favors to be fulfilled, otherwise, they demand retribution and avenge what they see as insult or offense. While to them, their notions are good and benevolent to humans, the execution and their choice of actions are not as much; they are quite deceptive and self-serving. They are also quite prone to tricks, pranks, and mischief. Though faeries cannot lie, they are not always fully honest, often twisting their words and speaking half-truths.[1]


  • There are several entrances to the Faerie and the Seelie Court in particular; one entrance known is the Turtle Pond in Central Park, which can be accessed by stepping backwards into the moon's reflection on the pond.
  • Seelie Court is often considered the combination of the Summer and Spring Courts.
  • A Seelie, potentially secret,[2] Prince may be introduced.[3]


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