SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!
Scrying glass
Current owner/s: Seelie Queen
Location: Seelie Court

A Scrying glass is a magical faerie item.


Scrying glasses are created using a mirror or pool of water, however they only become functional if placed underneath a special crystal.

The one used by the Seelie Queen used a golden bowl filled with water placed on a stone plinth, situated directly underneath the crystal, which was set into the ceiling.[1]


A scrying glass allows a person to look into a reflective surface, usually water or a mirror, and see what is happening somewhere else in the world. The surface acts as sheer glass onto which a scene is projected.

In the presence of dark magic, the surface of the scrying glass will begin to roil, and eventually the image will cut out completely.[1]


In 2012 the Seelie Queen used her scrying glass—which she referred to as a treasure of the fey—to show Julian Blackthorn what was happening to his family back in Los Angeles. Through the glass Julian watched Malcolm Fade kill his uncle Arthur and resurrect Annabel Blackthorn, only to be killed by her himself. The glass was unable to follow her movements afterwards due to the amount of dark magic generated by the resurrection ritual and the Black Volume of the Dead.[1]


  • It is unknown if the crystal must specifically be placed above the reflective surface, or if it was set up that way in the Seelie Court for decorational reasons.


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