SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Samantha Larkspear is a Centurion and the twin of sister of Dane Larkspear. She is also a member of Zara Dearborn's inner circle of friends and a supporter of the Cohort.


Samantha and her twin brother Dane were from Atlanta. Eventually, they attended the Scholomance and became Centurions. The twins met and befriended Zara Dearborn, sharing her views on Downworlders and the Cold Peace. They soon became part of Zara's inner circle and became members of The Cohort. Samantha often bore false witness to Zara's claims of heroism, signing off on many reports that depicted Zara as an amazing Shadowhunter.

In 2012, Samantha and her brother were dispatched to the Los Angeles Institute as part of a team of Centurions sent to search for Malcolm Fade's body and the Black Volume of the Dead. Samantha was tasked with running interference with Diego Rosales and Cristina Rosales for Zara, who didn't want Cristina "stealing" her fiancé. Samantha offended the Blackthorn family when she spoke with disgust about Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood's relationship, and insulted their brother Mark Blackthorn by calling him a half-breed.

Samantha later attended the Council meeting where Annabel Blackthorn was to testify and contributed to Annabel losing her faculties by shouting insults at her, along with the rest of the Cohort.[1]


Samantha is an ignorant, mean-spirited girl. She shows great disdain for Downworlders and Shadowhunters "tainted" with Downworlder blood or relationships. She is quick to insult the subjects of her disdain but becomes upset when they fight back, as seen when she snapped at the Blackthorns not to make her feel bad after she insulted Mark and his siblings responded angrily.

Physical description

Samantha, like her brother, has a thin, whippety face with pale skin and straight black hair.