Rosales family
Tarot Rings 4
Status: Extant
Species: Shadowhunter
Notable members:

Diego Rosales
Cristina Rosales
Jaime Rosales

Insignia: Rose

The Clave

The Rosales family is a family of primarily Mexican Shadowhunters.[1]

Known members


CJ Rosales ring

Rosales family ring

Their family symbol is the rose.[2]

In terms of their family rings, the pattern for the apellido materno (maternal surname) goes on the outside, and the pattern for the apellido paterno (paternal surname) goes on the inside, so as an example: Cristina's ring has roses upon the outside and a pattern of mountains on the inside. [3]

Family tree

Mendoza (father)
Rosales (mother)
Tomas R.
Rocio (father)
Rosales (mother)
Cristina R.
Diego R.
Jaime R.


The name Rosales comes from a derivative of the Latin word "rosa" ("rose") and is the plural form of the Spanish word "rosal", both of which mean "rosebush".[4][5] Though Rosales is not exactly a composite word like other English Shadowhunter names, its translation (rosebush) is.[6]


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