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Richard Gray
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Died: 1865/66
New York



New York
London (former)


Elizabeth Gray † (wife)
Tessa Gray (non-biological daughter)
Nate Gray † (adoptive son)
Harriet Moore † (sister-in-law)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Eye color: Brown

Richard Gray was the husband of Elizabeth Gray.[1]


After Richard married Elizabeth, he accepted a job offer from Axel Mortmain. At some point, he and his wife were invited to attend Pandemonium Club meetings with him. Eventually, Richard and Elizabeth decided to secretly leave London for America and took Elizabeth's sister, Harriet, with them, likely to protect Tessa from Mortmain.[2]

Richard was believed to be the father of Nate and Tessa Gray, until it was discovered that Nate was merely his and Elizabeth's nephew whom they adopted, and was in fact the biological son of Harriet; it was also revealed that Tessa is the daughter of an Eidolon demon who took Richard's shape in order to sleep with his wife.[3]

He later died in a carriage accident with Elizabeth in the late 1860s. The ring he always wore was then found and kept by his adoptive son, Nate.[1]


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