Thirteen Hands of Glory, and Blackthorn blood. That will bring her back, and she will be with me again.

Malcolm Fade - Lady Midnight

The Resurrection ritual was the ritual used by Malcolm Fade to resurrect Annabel Blackthorn. It was taken from the Black Volume of the Dead.


The ritual was half performed in 2007 by Malcolm Fade when he murdered the parents of Emma Carstairs.[1][2]

The ritual was then resumed in August 2012[2] but only completed in September of that year, and Annabel Blackthorn was successfully resurrected.[3]


In order to work the ritual requires the Hands of Glory, a necromantic object made from the hands of murderers, Shadowhunter lives and the blood of a member of the Blackthorn family.

The ritual begins by taking the life of a Shadowhunter(s). Their bodies are then burnt, soaked and carved all over with necromantic markings. This awakens the mind of the deceased, though they are still unable to move.

Once the Hands of Glory has been assembled, and the murder victims' bodies given the same treatment as the Shadowhunters', the blood of a Blackthorn is required. The blood must be spilled upon the deceased's corpse, and if done correctly this should result in their resurrection.


Different stages of the ritual have different effects on the deceased.

  • Killing the Shadowhunters and preparing their bodies correctly awakens the corpse's mind.
  • Spilling blood upon the Hands of Glory allows the deceased some measure of movement and awareness.
  • Preparing the bodies of the murdered victims correctly gives the deceased some temporary movement.
  • Spilling Blackthorn blood fully resurrects the deceased.


  • It is unclear whether Blackthorn blood is required due to familial relation, or whether the ritual was designed to require it for every occurrence.
  • After Malcolm's attempts to kill Octavian Blackthorn were thwarted and he was stabbed, his blood mixed with seawater and trickled into Annabel's coffin, allowing her to open her eyes. It is unknown, however, whether his blood specifically had any effect or if any blood would have worked.


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