Rayan Maduabuchi is a Shadowhunter and a graduate of the Scholomance.


Rayan was born to the Maduabuchi family and lived at the Lagos Institute until he attended the Scholomance and became a Centurion.

In 2012, Rayan was sent to the Los Angeles Institute as part of a team of Centurions tasked with finding Malcolm Fade's body and the Black Volume of the Dead. While in Los Angeles, Rayan participated in patrols and tried to stay on friendly terms with the inhabitants of the Institute. He also spoke out against Zara Dearborn when she began talking about the merits of the Registry.[1]


Rayan is a very friendly person and, according to Diego Rosales, a good person. He does not agree with the views of the Cohort.



  • Rayan appeared to be friends with Jon Cartwright, as they were often together and spent a lot of time talking.


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