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Praetor Lupus
Praetor Lupus symbol
Also Known As: The Wolf Guard
Founded: Circa 1800
Founder: Woolsey Scott
Status: Active
Base: Praetor House
North Fork, Long Island,
New York
Species: Werewolves
Leader: Praetor Scott
Notable Members: Jordan Kyle
Goal/s: Guide new Downworlders
Appearances: City of Fallen Angels
City of Lost Souls

Praetor Lupus is an alliance of werewolves founded by Woolsey Scott in the 1800s. It literally means "Wolf Guardians" and is based on the Praetorians, an elite Roman military force. The Praetor is the first and largest self-policing organization of the Downworlders.

Purpose Edit

Members of the Praetor Lupus track down young "orphaned" Downworlders—newly Turned werewolves, fledgling vampires, and warlocks who have no knowledge of their people. They intervene before the new Downworlder can get violent, try to get them into a pack, a clan, or with a warlock mentor, and help them control their powers.

Some saved werewolves prefer to not join a pack and, instead, join the alliance and become Praetors themselves. In turn, they are eventually given charges and dispatched to guide other Downworlders, as well. They wear gold Praetor Lupus medallions around their necks, with engravings that say "Beati bellicosi", meaning "Blessed are the warriors."

Despite their goals, the members are not allowed to get directly involved in the affairs of other Downworlders and Shadowhunters.

History Edit

The Praetor began as a tiny force in London in the late nineteenth century. The founder, Woosley Scott, was a wealthy werewolf of London and began the Praetor in response to his brother's dying wishes.

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