SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Porthallow Church is an abandoned church in Polperro, Cornwall.


Porthallow Church is built on a cliff over a headland, close to the sea. The area around the church is overgrown, due to its abandonment, but the church itself is in relatively decent shape and has a single square tower. The windows are boarded up, and a "KEEP OUT: PRIVATE PROPERTY: YOU ARE TRESPASSING" sign is nailed to the front door. A small distance from the church is a little graveyard.[1]

Inside the church are rows of pews and a stone arcade that runs along one side. The altar of the church is built directly on a ley line junction, giving it some magical value.



At an unknown point, the church was abandoned and left empty for many years. In 2012, Malcolm Fade transported the body of Annabel Blackthorn to Porthallow after his convergence in Los Angeles was flooded. He later brought Arthur Blackthorn to Porthallow Church to complete the resurrection ritual for Annabel, and used the altar, powered by the junction it was built on, to hold her body and complete the ritual using Arthur's blood. Annabel then killed Malcolm, leaving his blood on the floor before the altar.

A few days later, Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs traveled to Porthallow from Polperro after being told by local piskies that Annabel would be there. They instead found a note from her explaining that she had fed the piskies false information as she knew Julian and Emma would not leave her alone. The parabatai were then attacked by a Greater Demon named Sabnock, who had been unintentionally summoned during the resurrection ritual; after killing him Julian decided it would be best to destroy the church, as Malcolm's ritual had ripped a hole between dimensions that would continue to attract demons and endanger nearby mundanes. He went on to explain that the church was no longer sacrosanct, and had become demonically aligned.

He and Emma then burned the church down using their parabatai abilities to enhance a Fire rune to the pont that it burnt through the church's stone walls.[1]


  • The excerpt used by Julian to describe Porthallow Church in Lord of Shadows is taken directly from Wikipedia.[2]


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