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Creator: Wayland the Smith
Notable past owner/s: Valentine
Current owner/s: Sebastian
Type: Broadsword
I've seen two men bear the larger version of that sword, and I hated them both. There are no Morgensterns in this world that are dedicated to anything but evil.

Clary Fray to Diana Wrayburn, City of Heavenly Fire

Phaesphoros is a family sword of the Morgenstern family and is part of a pair, the other sword being Heosphoros.


Phaesphoros is a massive sword, about twice the length of Heosphoros. It is made of gold and adamas, but was dipped in dark silver that it sometimes looks almost black, and has a design of stars on the ridge of the blade.


Phaesphoros was made by Wayland the Smith many years ago when the Morgenstern family commissioned two new blades for a father and his son. Of the pair, Phaesphoros was longer, designed for the father. The two blades were named after different aspects of the morning star, with Phaesphoros meaning "light-bringer".

The sword was owned by Valentine Morgenstern until his death in the Mortal War, and by his son, Jonathan, before his own during the Dark War.


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