Patrick Penhallow
Biographical Information
Status: Alive



Co-head of the Beijing Institute (former)


The Clave

Known relatives:
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Patrick Penhallow is the husband of Jia and the father of Aline.



Patrick was a member of the Circle in its early founding days, though he left once he realized how serious Valentine was about his campaign.

Some time after, Patrick was set to marry a woman whom his parents had picked out for him. Instead, he left Idris and ran off to the Beijing Institute where he married Jia, causing something of a scandal in the Shadowhunter world. Luke once stated that Patrick was never one to follow the rules.

During the trial of the Lightwoods, as well as other members of the Circle, after the Uprising, Patrick and his wife voted for leniency, an act for which the Lightwoods have always been grateful.

Mortal War

Patrick and Jia allowed their family friends, the Lightwoods stay with them as well as Patrick's nephew, Sebastian Verlac was also visiting the Penhallows. Patrick and his wife, Jia along with the others adult Shadowhunters attended the Clave meeting about fighting Valentine. Patrick and Jia were in an argument with Maryse and Robert about when Sebastian, unaware that he was in fact; Jonathan Morgenstern killed their son, Max and which strained the friendship between the two families. Patrick and Jia soon found out that Sebastian was killed by Jonathan.

Patrick along with Luke, Amatis, Clary Fray, Simon Lewis, Inquisitor Aldertree and Malachi Dieudonne were at the Hall of Accords when Valentine Morgenstern appeared to them and told them to surrender to him or he'll have his army of demons to attack Alicante, and they witnessed Valentine kill Inquisitor Aldertree. Patrick and Jia along with Luke and Amatis Graymark, Maryse and Robert, Senhor and Senhora Monteverde and Nasreen Chaudhury discussed their plans to side against Valentine and whether or not to accept the help of the Downworlders.

Patrick gave Clary his stele for she can show them the Alliance rune, which will help combine the efforts of both Shadowhunters and Downworlders for they could work together against Valentine and his army of demons which they agreed and the Clave choose not to surrender. Patrick, Jia and Maryse and Robert Lightwood and the other Shadowhunters and Downworlders witnessed when Alec openly kissed Magnus in the Hall of Accords acknowledging their relationship. Patrick partnered with a warlock during the battle. Patrick and his wife, Jia and the other adult Shadowhunters fought against Valentine's army of demons which they were victorious as the battle only lasted minutes.

Patrick and Jia made amends with Maryse and Robert. Patrick and his family and the other Shadowhunters and Downworlders were at the victory party at Angel Square. Patrick and Jia found out their daughter, Aline was a lesbian when she came out to them. Aline met and began dating Helen Blackthorn despite the Clave's disapproval. Patrick was not happy that Aline had chosen a girl at all rather than a boy that he mourned selfishly for what he saw as the end of the branch of the Penhallows. Patrick's wife, Jia soon became the new Consul.

Dark War

Patrick and his wife, Jia allowed Emma Carstairs and Helen's siblings; Julian, Tiberius, Livia, Drusilla and Octavian(with the exception of Mark, who got captured by Sebastian) to stay at their house when the Los Angeles Institute was attacked by Sebastian and his Endarkened. The Clave interrogated Emma, Julian, Tiberius, Livia and Drusilla (with the exception of Octavian) with the Mortal Sword about the events that happened at the Los Angeles Institute.

Patrick along with a team of Shadowhunters went searching through Alicante when the Downworld representatives and Jocelyn Fray got kidnapped by Sebastian. Patrick and his wife Jia, the Lightwoods, Clary, Jace, Simon and Brothers Enoch and Zachariah discussed whether or not to deliver Clary and Jace to Sebastian.

Patrick and Jia found out from Maryse and Robert that Alec and Isabelle along with Clary, Jace and Simon fled Alicante, unaware at the time that they went to the demon realm, Edom to rescue the Downworld representatives and Jocelyn. Jia had Julian and Emma to talk to the Clave about what they knew about Sebastian without using the Mortal Sword. Patrick along with his wife, Jia, Maryse and Robert, Kadir Safar, Diana Wrayburn, Tomas Rosales, Brother Enoch and Zachariah held a meeting about the Fair Folk's betrayal and them preparing to attack them and needing the aid from the warlocks of the Spiral Labyrinth.

Patrick and his family and the other adult Shadowhunters fought against Sebastian's Endarkened and faerie warriors.

At the Council meeting after the Dark War, the Clave had the faeries sign a set of sanctions for their betrayal which they begrudgingly agreed. Helen and Mark Blackthorn because of their faerie blood was also caught up in the Clave's punishment of the Fair Folk. Helen was exiled to Wrangel Island to study the wards which devastated her and his daughter, Aline while her brother, Mark will be left indefinitely with the Wild Hunt ceasing his search and return despite his family's objections.

Patrick along with his family attended Jocelyn and Luke's wedding at Three Arrows Farm with their Shadowhunter and Downworlder friends.


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