Nene is a faerie healer of the Seelie Court, and is the sister of Lady Nerissa. She is also a handmaiden of the Seelie Queen.


When Nene's sister Nerissa died, she carried her nephew and niece, Mark and Helen, to their father Andrew Blackthorn.

In 2012 Nene helped Mark, Julian Blackthorn, Emma Carstairs, and Cristina Rosales rescue Kieran from his father, the Unseelie King. She shot burning arrows into the sky to cover their escape, and opened a door to the Seelie Court for them.

She brought a drug initially for Mark because they are blood related, however, Kieran needed it and gave it to him. Cristina assisted Nene with healing Kieran and changing his bandages every 2 hours.

Physical Description

Nene is a young faerie woman with pale blond hair bound back with ropes of flowers.


Nene is a gentle and kind faerie.



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