SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

The Moon's road, also known as the path of moonlight, is a magical faerie path that leads to the Gate of Lir.


The moon's road is a path that forms on the surface of the ocean when moonlight on the water seems solid, indicated by a subtle green flash. These moments occur randomly, and once they do the moonlight becomes solid on the water, forming a crystalline, glass-like path that leads out to sea. The path begins to dissolve once the moonlight moves from the correct position on the water, causing the moon's road to crack and become riddled with holes until it is completely gone.[1]

The moon's road can only be crossed by those with faerie blood. Half-fey are also able to access it.


In 2012 Mark Blackthorn crossed the moon's road to reach the Gate of Lir and enter Faerieland. As a half-fey he was able to use the road despite being a Shadowhunter.[1]

Julian Blackthorn, Emma Carstairs and Cristina Rosales followed Mark to the moon's road and caught up with him near the Gate, using Cristina's medallion, which was enchanted with faerie magic, to use the road despite not possessing faerie blood. They then encountered the Guardian of Lir's Gate, a phouka who collected a toll from each of them in exchange for a promise.

Once the Gate opened, the moon's road began to disappear and the Shadowhunters crossed through the Gate just before it completely dissolved.[1]


  • Despite all the entrances to Faerie being closed due to the Cold Peace, the moon's road remained active.


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