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  • Hiya. Not a big deal, but this is regarding your fix on the Automatons page. Consider it a tip. :) When a page appears blank, it's usually just a local problem (as in it's only a problem for you) or a very temporary, small one that resolves itself after a few hours or minutes or visits to the page. Sure, editing usually solves the problem, but in my experience there's usually no need to save the page with the changes. In this case, changes were made maybe because you're using Visual mode editor. So either a) don't edit as a solution next time as it usually fixes itself anyway, or b) don't edit with Visual mode since it twists the wikitext.

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  • Hi, welcome to The Shadowhunters' Wiki! Thank you for your recent contributions!

    Here are some links to get you started:

    • Want to interact with fellow fans in the community? Join the ongoing forum or blog discussions, or start a new (nonexistent) one yourself! Those are also good places to get wiki- or series-related help, if needed.
    • Interested in editing articles? Look around the wiki for an idea about the page formats. Ask around, if you feel like it!
    • Make sure to read the wiki policies and guidelines to get an overview of how things work around the wiki. (This is crucial if you intend to become an active user on the wiki.)

    If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact me on my message wall, or any of the active administrators. Have fun and be kind!

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