McMantry was a corrupt mundane police officer who lived in New York in the 1920s.



During the Prohibition era, McMantry seemed to extort money of owners of illegal business, as was the case with Magnus Bane who had opened a speakeasy called Mr. Dry's and refused to pay him. Because of this, he often led raids against his bar. During his raids, however, Magnus was prepared with a routine of tricks and magic that altered the club's appearance in time for their arrival, thus averting the bar's closing.

Late in September 1929, however, after several unsuccessful raids, McMantry heavily prepared for the raids, supplying his men with tools and ordering them to capture all the people present, even before they inspected the place. With Magnus' aid, the patrons escaped. Nonetheless, the cops were able to uncover the hidden alcohol. They brought down and trashed the place, spilling the drinks all over the bar and wig store, as well as destroying everything else.

While Magnus originally intended to reopen the bar, he lost interest and never did, though the parties with his former patrons continued at his suite at the Plaza Hotel.


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