Max Trueblood
Biographical Information
Status: Unknown



The Clave (former)

Known relatives:

Maryse Lightwood (sister)
Unnamed mundane (wife)
Robert Lightwood † (ex-brother-in-law)
Alec Lightwood (nephew)
Isabelle Lightwood (niece)
Max Lightwood † (nephew)
Jace Herondale (adoptive nephew)

Physical Description
Gender: Male

Max Trueblood is the brother of Maryse Lightwood. A Shadowhunter born in Idris, Max apparently left the Clave to marry a mundane, something that made his sister an outcast among her fellow Shadowhunters.

Despite having left the Clave, his memory was honored by his sister Maryse, who named her youngest son Max after him.

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