Biographical Information
Born: 1910s
Age: Over 90
Status: Alive



Sussex, England

Known relatives:

Andrew Blackthorn † (nephew)
Arthur Blackthorn † (nephew)
Helen Blackthorn (great-niece)
Mark Blackthorn (great-nephew)
Julian Blackthorn (great-nephew)
Livia Blackthorn † (great-niece)
Tiberius Blackthorn (great-nephew)
Drusilla Blackthorn (great-niece)
Octavian Blackthorn (great-nephew)
Blackthorn family

Physical Description
Gender: Female
And boys do what pretty girls want. Great-Aunt Marjorie said so. She said if I wasn't such a butterball, I'd be a pretty girl and boys would do what I wanted.

Dru about Marjorie, Lady Midnight

Marjorie is an English Shadowhunter, who is nearly a hundred years old.


In the summer of 2012 her great-nieces and great-nephews from the Los Angeles Institute paid her a visit for a few weeks; Julian had told his parabatai Emma that they felt obliged to visit her because her old age made her relatives expect her impending death.

Marjorie made the Blackthorn children train outdoors or in the barn all day, except for Tavvy whom she babied and while Tiberius hid away. Marjorie gave Tavvy a copy of the Shadowhunter children's book, A Treasury of Tales for Nephilim.

When Malcolm Fade unexpectedly appeared in her kitchen a day early to pick up and Portal the children back to Los Angeles, Marjorie screamed in surprise.

Personality and Traits

Aunt Marjorie appears to have very old-fashioned views about women. She is also quite rude, as she insulted Dru by implying that she was too overweight and that was why boys ignored her.


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