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Marisol Rojas Garza
Biographical Information
Born: 1994
Age: 15
Status: Alive

Mundane (former)




Shadowhunter Academy


Unnamed parents †

Physical Description
Gender: Female

Marisol Rojas Garza is a Shadowhunter—one of the first few to Ascend again after decades. She was among the first batch of students at the reopened Shadowhunter Academy and trained alongside other Shadowhunters and mundanes, including Simon Lewis.


Early life

At a young age, Marisol began taking fencing classes. At one point, her parents died.[1]


In 2008, after Marisol was recruited into the Shadowhunter Academy. Since she was already orphaned, Marisol simply accepted. She moved to Idris and was placed on the curricular stream with the other mundanes—a system the other Shadowhunters derogatorily call "dregs." During a swordplay basics gym session, Marisol was paired up with semi-legendary Simon Lewis, whom Marisol easily beat due to her training.[1]

Marisol was among the top twenty students in her batch and was thus sent on a mission to kill a rogue vampire in Brooklyn, though she never came into contact with her.[2]

While initially in somewhat of a rivalry with the "elite" students,[3] Marisol became friends with her fellow Ascendants, including Simon and George Lovelace, and even the Shadowhunters Jon Cartwright, Beatriz Mendoza, and Julie Beauvale, particularly during their second year, during which the six of them formed a team for their training missions.[4] During her time at the Academy, Marisol grew very close to Jon, whom she liked to tease with mundane culture and contraptions.

After two years of training, Marisol eventually Ascended and became a full-fledged Shadowhunter.[5]

Skills and abilities

  • Fencing: Marisol is a skilled sword-fighter due to her experience in fencing.




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