One did not turn down an invitation from Saint Cloud. At least, one didn't if one wanted to continue living contentedly in Paris.

Magnus about Marcel, The Runaway Queen

Marcel Saint Cloud is an old and powerful vampire who was the head of a clan in Paris. Marcel was a rather feared figure among Downworlders during the French Revolution. During his reign, due to his power and influence, their clan was considered the most powerful in Paris.


In 1787, Marcel and the other vampires of Paris gained subjugates through blood parties. He took Henri de Polignac, the nephew of a Duke of France, who then asked him to take his sister, Brigitte, as well.

In 1791, Saint Cloud had Henri look for the elusive Magnus Bane and invite him to his party to be held the upcoming Monday evening. Successful in the task, Henri reported back to him that Magnus accepted the invitation to attend.

At the party, one of his vampires, Coselle, found the escaping Queen Marie Antoinette. When Magnus lied by saying the woman was in fact Josette, a fake he made meant to impersonate the queen, Saint Cloud, eager to have her, urged Magnus to sell her to him, insisting that he will pay double what his client was paying him. Magnus feigned agreement and told him that he will finish his signature on her first. Marcel agreed and had Henri and Charles lock them in the blue room of his house until he was done. However, the pair escaped, much to Marcel's chagrin.

Marcel sent his men to Magnus' apartment, which they ravaged, save for his well-hidden valuables; Magnus' servants Marie and Claude were also taken and feasted on as collateral damage. He had Henri remain to pass on a message and accompany Mangus back to him. Though Magnus refused to see Marcel, he nonetheless left Paris to avoid Saint Cloud's wrath.

It is unknown how long Saint Cloud had been leading the clan by then, or how long he kept running it since, but, according to Magnus, the clan was still sending him rude messages as of 1857.


Marcel, like most Parisian vampires, was an easily offended vampire and described by Magnus as "classic, straightforward evil of the most old-fashioned type". Given his power, Marcel often used these traits to his advantage, asserting his power over others. Because of this, Paris was seen as the terrain of vampires, and Downworlders found themselves avoiding Paris to avoid his wrath.

Physical description

Saint Cloud is said to be strikingly beautiful, much like old vampires who had a "special" luster that came with their age. He was tall, very finely boned, with jutting cheekbones and long fingers, and black eyes. He had the same sense of style during the period as Magnus.


  • According to Magnus Bane, Marcel is possibly among the vampires of Vlad's very first vampire court.