SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Malcolm's cottage is a cottage that was built by Malcolm Fade for him and Annabel Blackthorn in Polperro, Cornwall.


Malcolm's cottage is a heavily warded and glamoured structure located on a cliff, nestled among the rocks of Chapel Cliff, overlooking the sea. It is encircled by a wooden fence and has a mailbox, with the name "FADE" painted on the surface in white, nailed to the fence. Despite being a hundreds of years old, the cottage is still well-maintained as of 2012. The roof has new shingles, and the door was recently painted a bright blue.

While glamoured, the house looks like an ordinary, abandoned house, with its windows boarded up and its whitewash paint peeled off to gray. The area also has a placard proclaiming it a property of the National Trust and a restricted area. Aside from the typical visual glamour, it also holds a strong emotional glamour, discouraging any interest of even approaching the area.

It consists of three rooms: a small main room that served as a joined living room, kitchen, and bedroom; a bathroom; and an office.

The main room had a wooden four-poster bed, with a window that gave way to a view of the village below, its furniture mostly soft seaside colors. Its kitchen took up a corner of the room and was well-stocked with modern electrical appliances, and the house was still supplied with running water. The main room also has a stone-bound fireplace with stacks of firewood around it. The bathroom has blue tiles, with a tub, a shower, and a basin sink.

The office is small, with a hand-painted desk, bookshelves, a closet, and a trapdoor hidden beneath a rug, the trapdoor distinguishable by its lighter wood compared to the stripped oak floor. The compartment once contained Annabel's art portfolio and Malcolm's childhood journals before they were taken by Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn.



In the early 1800s, the warlock Malcolm built the cottage, with his own magic, for him and his love, Annabel. Malcolm intended for it to be their home, their refuge from the Clave. However, their planned escape was complicated by their desire for safety from the Clave's wrath, and they sought protection with the help of the Unseelie King, who demanded the Black Volume of the Dead in exchange. The couple was caught after stealing the tome and were thrown in prison before they could live in the cottage longer.

Malcolm preserved the cottage for almost two centuries while he worked to resurrect Annabel. He protected the house heavily with glamour so that trespassers would steer clear of it.

In 2012, the Seelie Queen told Julian and the others about Malcolm's house in Cornwall, and it was the ghost of Jessamine Lovelace who told them that it was in Polperro. Julian and Emma traveled to Polperro and looked for the cottage to investigate it, in the hopes of finding clues to lead them to the resurrected Annabel. They took up residence in the cottage while searching for her and discovered the hidden journals and portfolio. At one point, they even slept together within it. At this point, Annabel was unable to enter the house because she was barred from entry for killing Malcolm.


  • The wards on the cottage are so strong that they not only lasted after Malcolm's death but also managed to keep out the Seven Riders.