SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!
Malcolm's cottage
Status: Abandoned
Location: Cornwall, England
Notable residents:

Malcolm Fade

Malcolm's cottage is a cottage that was built by Malcolm Fade for him and Annabel Blackthorn. It is located in Polperro, Cornwall.


Malcolm's cottage is a heavily warded and glamoured building that contains only three rooms: a bathroom, office and main room which houses the kitchen and bedroom. It is encircled by a fence and located on a cliff overlooking the sea. Despite being hundreds of years old, the cottage is well maintained and very modern, with everything freshly painted in shades of blue and gray, a kitchen stocked with modern electrical appliances, and running water.

In the main room there is also handmade furniture and a trapdoor hidden beneath a rug, which contained Annabel's art portfolio and Malcolm's childhood journals.[1]



In the early 1800s, the warlock Malcolm Fade constructed the cottage using his magic. He then lived in it for a while with his lover Annabel Blackthorn, in hiding from the the Clave. Annabel's family eventually found out about their relationship and threw her out her home, and she was later killed by her family out of shame over her dalliance with Malcolm, who had disappeared with the Black Volume of the Dead.

Malcolm preserved the cottage through the years while he worked to resurrect Annabel, and glamoured it to resemble a boarded-up building so that trespassers would steer clear of it.[1]

In 2012, Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn traveled to the cottage to investigate it in the hopes of finding clues to lead them to the resurrected Annabel. They took up residence in the cottage while searching for her and discovered the hidden journals and portfolio. At one point, they even slept together within it.

When Annabel appeared outside the cottage after being alerted to the Shadowhunters' presence, she refused to enter it as she felt she didn't have the right to enter his home with his blood on her hands.[1]


  • The wards on the cottage are so strong that they not only lasted after Malcolm's death, but also managed to keep out the Seven Riders.


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