SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!
Malcolm's convergence
Founder: Malcolm Fade
Status: Inactive
Location: Los Angeles, California
Notable residents:

Malcolm Fade

Notable prisoners:

Octavian Blackthorn

Malcolm's convergence was a convergence used as a headquarters by the warlock Malcolm Fade.


Malcolm's convergence was a cave located on a bluff along the Los Angeles coastline, in the Santa Monica mountains. Within the cave was a circular chamber lined with bronze, covered with symbols and a scrawled mixture of languages—specifically, some of the lines written on the cave walls were of the poem Annabel Lee. Set into the walls were two large portholes that opened deep underwater, and instead of furniture, the room only contained a circle of chalked symbols on the floor which Malcolm would use to burn his victims.[1]

The convergence was guarded by Mantid demons and remained sealed off during the day when the demons were inactive.



In 2007 Malcolm established himself in the convergence cave, moving Annabel Blackthorn's corpse from Cornwall to a tomb within the convergence's tunnels. Five years later he began using it as a headquarters to perform pieces of the resurrection ritual on victims murdered by the Followers of the Guardian.

In 2012 Mark Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs investigated the convergence and found the cave, as well as a wallet belonging to the latest Lottery victim. They were forced to leave after the Mantids appeared and attacked them.

Emma later traveled to the convergence alone and was sucked through one of the portholes, winding up deep below the sea.

When Malcolm kidnapped Octavian Blackthorn to use in his ritual, all the residents of the Los Angeles Institute traveled to the convergence and fought him to rescue Tavvy. Malcolm was then stabbed and sucked through one of the portholes himself, which was left open, flooding the cave.[1] Soon afterwards the Clave formally investigated the convergence and picked it over.

A few weeks later, Arthur Blackthorn traveled to the ruins of the convergence to find Malcolm and offer his life for his family.[2]


  • After a Lottery winner completed a murder, they would be magically transported to the convergence, where their murdering hand is cut; this was under the pretense that the chosen murderer would be "blessed with good luck".


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