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Maia Roberts
CJ Maia 01
Biographical Information
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Species: Werewolf
Residence: New York
Allegiance: New York werewolf pack
Family: Daniel Roberts † (brother)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
I'm from New Jersey. I was born in toxic sludge.

–Maia to Clary, City of Ashes

Maia Roberts is a werewolf and a part of Luke Garroway's werewolf pack.

Introduced as a fifteen-year-old, Maia is a brave, determined, and enthusiastic werewolf, Turned by her ex-boyfriend Jordan Kyle. Although initially wanting to kill Simon for being a vampire, she eventually became quite close to him and even dated him.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Maia was born in New Jersey, which she constantly called a toxic sludge. Maia spent her childhood in a conservative neighborhood, which, due to her being biracial, made her early life hard due to racism within the community. Her parents had always favored her "beautiful" older brother Daniel who abused her, resulting in her distrust of "beautiful boys". Daniel later died in a hit-and-run.

Soon after, she met Jordan Kyle who treated her like a goddess. While the first few months of their relationship seemed perfect, Jordan began to become possessive and physically hurt her. Finally, she broke up with him and kissed another boy one night to prove her point, not knowing that it would be the first night Jordan Changed into a werewolf. That night, Maia was followed by Jordan who has lost control of himself and bit her, turning her into a werewolf, claiming her. While Jordan and his family left, Maia, after her first full moon, ran away to Manhattan. She went through a few lycanthrope packs until she found Luke's.

Meeting the Conclave Edit

Maia was sitting beside Bat when Jace Herondale walked into the Hunter's Moon, an underground werewolf bar. Maia noted that Jace was beautiful and had immediately hated him because of his similarity to her brother, Daniel. Maia watched when a fight broke out, and when their pack leader Luke came and stopped the fight, Maia tried to tend to the trashed bar and the injured. Intending to tell Luke that Magnus Bane had arrived, Maia met Simon outside Pete's office.

Maia is then introduced to Clary at Luke's. As Clary was in a foul mood, Simon talked it up with Maia before she left.

work in progress

One evening, Maia was attacked and poisoned by a Drevak demon outside Luke's home, leaving thin black needles poking out of her skin. Luke had Clary and Simon call for help from the Institute. With Luke out moving his truck, Maia was alone when Simon came in to check up on her. When Simon handed her a glass of water, they touched and Maia realized that Simon was a vampire. In the ensuing confrontation, Maia vented at Simon for being a monster. While Simon tried to calm her down, Maia ended up scratching his face and was stopped by Clary.

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Jace and Alec soon arrived with Magnus. Her poison daze ended after Luke pulled the needles out of her arm.[1]

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Blood sacrifice Edit

work in progress

Personality Edit

Maia is often described as a headstrong werewolf who is passionate about the ones she loves. Throughout the series she is sarcastic and at stages humorous although it is stated that it is difficult to earn her trust. Maia is wary of beautiful people. This is mainly due to her abusive brother who usually went unpunished because he looked so innocent to their parents. How could somone who looked like that, ever do those sorts of things. This is reinforced when she takes an instant disliking to Jace Herondale when he walks into the werewolf bar- The Hunters Moon.

Physical description Edit

Codex Maia

Maia drawn by Clary Fray in her copy of the Codex.[2].

Maia Roberts is a curvy biracial teenager with light brown skin and dark brown eyes. Maia often wears her brown-gold hair in curls. She has a tattoo of a butterfly on her back, and a big scar on her neck from where she was bitten.

Abilities Edit

Being a lycanthrope, Maia possesses the ability to transform into a werewolf. Along with the Change, she gained enhanced strength and speed, more grace in her movements, and accelerated healing ability.

Relationships Edit

Love Interests Edit

Tarot 18

Maia and Kyle

You're mine now. You'll always be mine.

–Jordan to Maia after turning her, City of Ashes

Jordan Kyle is Maia's boyfriend. During the first time they dated, Jordan was turned into a werewolf; driven by the changes he was experiencing as a new werewolf, Jordan became abusive and temperamental, scaring Maia. On his first full moon, Jordan bit and turned Maia. Although Jordan had no control over himself and immediately came to regret this, the Praetor Lupus prevented him from seeing her.

Years after their last encounter, Jordan found Maia with a new vampire, Simon, whom he accepted as an assignment for the Praetor so he can be close to Maia. Eventually, they reunite, bitterly as Maia still holds a grudge against him for turning her then disappearing. Eventually though, Maia forgives him and they become amicable and reconcile through their friends, although Maia still struggles internally regarding her feelings for him. After sharing a kiss and traveling to the Praetor Lupus together, they finally mend their relationship and are back together.

However Maia finds her self unable to forgive Jordan and decides to breakup with him as she feels that when Jordan looks at her he sees forgiveness and redemption and not herself. But before she could tell him, he dies in an encounter with Sebastian Morgenstern.

Bat says I shouldn't be so hard on you. He says guys do stupid things when girls are involved. Especially geeky ones who previously haven't had much luck with women.

Maia to Simon, City of Fallen Angels

Maia seemed to get along well with Simon the most out of the group, and develops a crush on him. Although later—after getting attacked by a demon—she finds out he is a vampire, she wanted to kill him explaining that it was vampires and werewolves have a history of not getting along. But when Maia leaves Luke's apartment to see Simon to apologize for nearly attacking him, she is kidnapped by Valentine Morgenstern so he can use her werewolf blood in a spell, and then he kidnaps Simon shortly after as well. Later on, it seems as if the two had kindled their relationship, as it was written that the two were hanging out. At the end of City of Glass, they go to the victory party together. She’s in competition with Isabelle Lightwood for his attention.

In City of Fallen Angels, she is in a non-exclusive relationship with Simon, who is also dating Isabelle at the same time in a similar fashion. She and Isabelle find out about Simon's "cheating" at one of his band's performances and both break up with him. Eventually, she stops being angry at him, and even admits that Simon technically was not cheating on her. They seem to be friends now.

Bat and Maia dated for a little before Bat left her for a witch named Eve. Later, after Jordan's death, they were seen holding hands.

Family Edit

Daniel was the older brother of Maia who used to abuse her before his death. When Daniel died in an accident, Maia could not bring herself to mourn for him.

Maia did not seem particularly close or attached to her parents, both of whom had favored Daniel, unaware of his true behavior. When Maia tried to convince her parents of his abusive behavior, they did not believe her.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, while neither seemed to be aware, months before they are formally introduced, Maia had encountered Clary at the Pandemonium Club the night she saw the Shadowhunters kill a demon. Maia was dancing when Clary, pointing at Jace and Alec Lightwood, almost hit her. Maia glared at her and Clary subsequently apologized.[3]
  • In some copies of City of Ashes, Daniel is referred to as Maia's twin brother.

References Edit

  1. City of Ashes
  2. Cassandra Jean drawing as Clary on the published version, The Shadowhunter's Codex
  3. City of Bones; source needed

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