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Maia Roberts
CJ Flowers, Maia
Biographical Information
Born: September 1990
Age: 16 (as of 2007)
Status: Alive
Species: Werewolf
Title: Pack leader
Residence: New York
New Jersey (former)
Allegiance: New York werewolf pack
Family: Unnamed parents
Daniel Roberts † (brother)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
I'm from New Jersey. I was born in toxic sludge.

–Maia to Clary, City of Ashes

Maia Roberts is a werewolf and the current leader of the New York werewolf pack.


Early life

Maia was born in New Jersey, where she spent her childhood in a conservative neighborhood that made her early life hard due to the racism within the community and its generally harsh treatment of her simply because she was biracial. Growing up, her parents had always favored her "beautiful" older brother Daniel who abused her, resulting in her distrust of "beautiful boys". Daniel later died in a hit-and-run.

Soon after, she met Jordan Kyle, a boy whom she went out with and treated her like a goddess. While the first few months of their relationship seemed perfect, Jordan began to become possessive and physically hurt her. Finally, she broke up with him and kissed another boy one night to prove her point, not knowing that it would be the first night Jordan Changed into a werewolf. That night, Maia was followed by Jordan, who had lost control of himself, and was bitten and "claimed" by Jordan. This bite effectively Turned her into a werewolf. While Jordan and his family left the city, Maia, after Turning for the first time the next full moon, ran away to Manhattan. She went through a few lycanthrope packs until she finally found one she stuck with.

Maia became good friends with Bat Velasquez and two other werewolves named Steve and Gregg. Once, in a park, they ran into some vampires sucking on blood bags under a bridge. They got into a fight, during which they witnessed the vampires ripping Gregg in half and eating him when his insides fell out. Another time, two teenage boys armed with knives had tried to grab her while she was walking through Central Park one night after she'd first come to the city, and only Bat had kept her from killing them both.

At one point, she and Bat began dating. However, she realized that she wasn't ready for a real relationship, and Bat decided to break up with her and give her space, despite what he really felt. They remained good friends, even after Bat began dating a "witch" named Eve.

The pack's leadership changed a number of times during Maia's time with the pack. She had started with Kito, then Véronique, Gabriel, and, finally, Luke Garroway, whom Maia grew to like and became very loyal to.

Meeting the Conclave

Fifteen-year-old Maia was sitting beside her friend, and ex-boyfriend, Bat when Jace Wayland walked into the Hunter's Moon in September 2007. Maia noted that Jace was beautiful and had immediately hated him because of his similarity to her brother, Daniel. Maia watched when a fight broke out, and when their pack leader Luke came and stopped the fight, Maia tried to tend to the trashed bar and the injured. Intending to tell Luke that Magnus Bane had arrived, Maia met Simon outside Pete's office.

Maia was then introduced to Clary at Luke's. As Clary was in a foul mood, Simon talked it up with Maia before she left.

One evening, Maia was attacked and poisoned by a Drevak demon outside Luke's home, leaving thin black needles poking out of her skin. Luke had Clary and Simon call for help from the Institute. With Luke out moving his truck, Maia was alone when Simon came in to check up on her. When Simon handed her a glass of water, they touched and Maia realized that Simon was a vampire. In the ensuing confrontation, Maia vented at Simon for being a monster. While Simon tried to calm her down, Maia ended up scratching his face and was stopped by Clary.

Jace and Alec soon arrived with Magnus. Her poison daze ended after Luke pulled the needles out of her arm. Maia went to to the kitchen and she talked to Clary about wanting to apologize to Simon. Clary asked Maia about who turned her into a werewolf and Maia told her it was her ex-boyfriend, Jordan. Finally, Maia went to go sleep in Luke's room.

Blood sacrifice

Maia sneaked out of Luke's house and she decided to go to Simon's house to apologize to him about her behavior. Before she could get to his house, Maia was intercepted by Agramon, the Demon of Fear disguised as her brother, Daniel. Daniel criticized Maia for not crying at his funeral and being happy that he was gone. Maia collapsed in fear and nearly died. Valentine stepped in and stopped Agramon. He took Maia to his ship in the East River. She was locked up in a room along with Simon.

Maia talked to Simon about her behavior and how she hated vampires because one of them killed a friend of hers named Gregg. Maia and Simon reconciled a friendship with each other and they realized that Valentine wanted to use their blood for Infernal Conversion. He entered the room and made Maia choke with silver powder, causing her to extreme pain as she watched as Valentine cut Simon's throat with the Mortal Sword. Clary, Luke, the New York Conclave and the Lightwoods infiltrated Valentine's ship to save her and Simon. Clary found Maia and she tearfully told Clary that Simon was dead, however Simon was saved and he became a Daylighter due to him drinking Jace's blood. Clary helped Maia escape the ship and get to safety for Valentine can't use her blood to complete the Infernal Conversion.[1]

Mortal War

Maia and Simon had become good friends and had been hanging out together, and soon Maia developed a crush on him. She went to Alicante as Luke called her and the rest of the Pack as he and the Shadowhunters were going to need their help. She saved Clary and Jace's life by killing a Behemoth demon. Maia, Clary and Jace went the Accords Hall where all the Shadowhunters were being gathered. Maia ran over to her Pack when she got into the Hall. After Simon got rescued by Clary, Jace and Alec from the Gard, Maia supplied blood for him.

Maia witnessed Alec kissing Magnus at the Accords Hall publicly acknowledging their relationship. After that she went with Simon to deliver him to Raphael Santiago at Brocelind Forest to get the vampires to help them against Valentine's demons. Maia left Simon with Raphael and headed back to Luke. Maia participated in the battle with the Shadowhunters and Downworlders against Valentine's demons which was victorious as it only lasted minutes.

Maia attended the victory party along with her friends at Angel Square. She befriended Aline Penhallow. It was obvious that by then, Maia and Isabelle competed with one another for Simon's affection. At the end Maia and her friends watched the fireworks.[2]

New Council

After the Mortal War, Maia had began dating Simon, who was also dating Isabelle at the same time. Maia went with Simon to see Clary try on dresses for her mother's, Jocelyn and Luke's wedding at the bridal shop. Maia talked to Luke when he came into the bridal shop. She then received a band flyer while at pack headquarters unknowingly from Jordan about Simon's band performance at the Alto Bar.

Maia arrived after the band performance ended and she found out that Simon had also been dating Isabelle too at the same time with her. Maia and Isabelle were both angry at Simon. They broke up with him, and the two girls then proceeded to leave. Maia and Isabelle ran into Jordan, Simon's roommate and Maia's ex-boyfriend. Maia attacked Jordan in a fiery rage and he didn't defend himself. Isabelle pulled Maia off Jordan and held her till she started crying. Isabelle told Simon to take Jordan and leave.

Simon called Maia asking her if she was okay because he got a paper from an anonymous person to come to 232 Riverside Drive or his girlfriend will be killed. Maia told Simon that she didn't want to talk to Jordan or him and hung up the phone. She attended Jocelyn and Luke's reception party at the Ironworks. There she learned from Isabelle that Jordan was a member of the Praetor Lupus. Maia ignored Jordan at the party. She talked to Simon at the party about their relationship and how Jordan came to New York to look for her as he hadn't stopped searching for her after she left New Jersey and after he turned her. Simon told Maia to talk to Jordan and he left her alone to decide what to do. Maia helped Alec, Isabelle and Jordan look for Simon after he disappeared, and they went to Jordan and Simon's apartment to find out where he went.

They found a card from a band promoter named Satrina Kendall, which was one of the names of the Greater Demon and mother of all warlocks, Lilith. They also found an address on the Upper East Side and they went to search for Simon there. Maia, Jordan, Isabelle and Alec went inside the building to look for Simon and they searched each floor. On one of the floors, Maia and the others found a dozen dead half-demon babies, which was connected to the Church of Talto, what Clary had found there and the dead half-demon baby at Beth Israel Hospital. Maia, Jordan, Isabelle and Alec fought off and killed the track suited cultists working for Lilith. Maia and Jordan were left behind on one of the floors as Alec and Isabelle were on the roof with Clary, Jace and Simon. Maia got momentarily blinded by one of lights and she impulsively kissed Jordan. Alec found them and they took the elevator down to the lobby. Maia and Jordan quickly left the building as Maia was confused over her feelings for Jordan.[3]

Making up with Jordan

Maia and Jordan talked to Simon about avoiding his sister, Rebecca and they told him to tell his sister about being a vampire which he objected. Maia agreed to patrol with Jordan at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in search of Jace and she left Jordan's apartment with Simon. Together they patrolled at the Navy Yard and they were unsuccessful in finding Jace as he and Sebastian had been missing for two weeks. Jordan asked Maia if she still wanted to go to college at Stanford and he would give her his tuition to pay for it. He admitted to Maia that he still loved her, and then kissed her. Maia was left uncomfortable and she walked away from Jordan.

Maia found out about Luke getting injured by Sebastian. She also found out from Magnus that Jace and Sebastian were bound together and that if one of them died they both would die. Maia went to Jordan's apartment and she found Isabelle there as well and thought that something happened between them, but Isabelle told her nothing happened as she came to talk to Simon and ended up sleeping in Simon's room. Maia asked for Jordan's help with the Praetor Lupus for they could help Luke. She told Isabelle about Jace and Sebastian being bound together. Then she went with Jordan to the Praetor Lupus headquarters at Long Island. Maia rode with Jordan in his truck as they headed to the Praetor Lupus headquarters, but they made a detour. Jordan showed Maia a beautiful place where he would watch the sunrise when he was doing his training at the Praetor House. He told her that he was still in love with her and he didn't want to be just her friend. Following his confession, they began kissing each other.

Together they arrived at the Praetor House at Long Island. Jordan introduced Maia to Praetor Scott, the leader of the organization. Maia and Jordan told Praetor Scott about their emergency with Luke and how he was injured by demon metal, which was the reason they asked for his help. Maia and Jordan followed Praetor Scott to his office, where they met Rufus Hastings, a member of the Praetor Lupus. They watched as Praetor Scott sent Rufus away, and Rufus glared at Maia and Jordan as he left Praetor Scott' office. Maia convinced Praetor Scott to help them look for a cure for Luke by promising a Council voice because of Luke being the werewolf representative on the Council and he agreed. Praetor Scott allowed them both to stay as Jordan's room was available. He told Maia that her promise on Luke's name falls upon her head to make sure they followed through as she left the office.

Maia looked around Jordan's room and she found a photo of her and Jordan two years ago during the summer. She learned about Jordan's roommate, Nick. After a while, Jordan went to take a shower leaving Maia in his room. She went into the bathroom and stripped off her clothes to get into the shower with Jordan, surprising him. They made out and had sex. When they were in bed together, Maia told Jordan that she loved him. Later, Maia and Jordan were called to Praetor Scott's office by another member of the organization, so they got dressed and headed toward Scott's office. They were given a salve from Praetor Scott to help cure Luke. Maia and Jordan stayed in the office when Praetor Scott talked to Raphael about the rogue vampire, Maureen Brown who had been killing people uncontrollably in New York. Raphael wanted Praetor Lupus to stop her. He told Praetor Scott that if he didn't find her soon, as new-fledged Downworlders were his responsibility, he would kill Maureen himself.

Maia and Jordan went to the pack headquarters at the abandoned police station and they gave Luke the salve to cure his wound. They then went to Magnus's apartment with news about Luke, and wondered what Alec, Magnus, Isabelle and Simon had been up to. Maia and Jordan learned from Magnus about what they did that night.

Maia and Jordan along with Alec, Magnus, Isabelle and Simon watched as Azazel appeared inside the pentagram and demanded an answer from the group. Magnus refused Azazel's plan and he tried to banish him, but failed. Simon followed Chairman Meow, who hastily ran into the pentagram. Simon let the cat down and Chairman Meow streaked out of the pentagram and went under a table to hide. Others watched in shock as Azazel was shot backward because of Simon and his Mark of Cain. The demon disappeared leaving a mess in Magnus's apartment. Maia, Jordan, Alec and Isabelle helped cleaning up the destruction in Magnus's apartment left by Azazel's appearance. Simon talked to Magnus about him wanting to summon the Angel, Raziel to get a weapon that could sever the bond between Jace and Sebastian. Maia, Jordan, Magnus and Alec argued over Simon's plan, as he talked to Isabelle privately, and she agreed to let him do it. Isabelle told the group that Simon was going to summon Raziel and they would help him in any way they could. While the others were preparing to summon the Angel, Maia and Jordan went to the police station to check on Luke.

Maia went to Jordan's apartment after going to check on Luke and asked for his advice about what Raphael said about Maureen. Maia told Jordan that they should talk about their relationship however, they ended up making out instead. Jordan got a call from the Praetor Lupus and learned that his roommate, Nick had been killed by Maureen. Maia attempted to comfort Jordan, but she got a text from Magnus and Luke about a call to battle and they needed to leave right away. Together they met up with the others at the New York Institute and Portaled to the Burren. Maia and Jordan participated in the battle at the Burren against Sebastian and his Endarkened. They were definitely back together as mentioned by Simon at the end of the book.[4]

Dark War

Maia was with Simon and Jordan in their apartment when suddenly they were attacked by an Endarkened sent by Sebastian. Maia and Jordan fought off and killed the Endarkened. Jordan being Simon's Praetorian Guard told Simon to run only for him to be captured by Maureen's vampire clan. Maia called for Bat and the rest of the pack to help dispose of the dead Endarkened, while Jordan went out looking for Simon. Maia planned to break up with Jordan because she wasn't sure about her relationship with him, but continued to put it off. Jordan arrived back at the apartment and told her that Simon was still missing. He then got a call from the Praetor, who asked him to come to the Praetor House. Maia went with Jordan to the Praetor House in an attempt to find Simon.

When they arrived at the Praetor House, they found the building completely burned down and destroyed. Maia and Jordan scoured the area and found young and old dead werewolves including Praetor Scott. While talking with Maia, Jordan was unexpectedly killed by Sebastian. Sebastian told Maia that since he was thwarted in London; he chose to burn down the Praetor House in retaliation. Maia's life was spared by Sebastian as he wanted her to deliver a message to the Downworlders, that if any Downworlders decided to side with the Shadowhunters they would be killed. Maia held onto Jordan's dead body as Sebastian walked away.

Maia called Bat and told him about Sebastian having killed Jordan and the werewolves of the Praetor Lupus. She then returned to pack headquarters and fell asleep in one of the rooms. When Maia woke up, she found Bat sitting on a chair by the bed. Bat told her that Simon was in Alicante with Luke and the Shadowhunters as he escaped with Raphael to Idris. Maia was told by Bat that Rufus Hastings was one of the few survivors from the massacre at the Praetor House and he had been staying with the pack as a guest. He also told Maia that Rufus was talking to the rest of the pack questioning Luke's loyalty to pack. Rufus thought Luke was more of a Shadowhunter and some of the pack had listened to him. Maia told Bat that if Sebastian wiped out the Shadowhunters, he would just come after them next.

Maia and Bat attended the funeral for the members of the Praetor Lupus at Rockaway Beach. Maia told Bat that she was planning on breaking up with Jordan on the day that he died, but kept putting it off. Bat comforted Maia during the funeral.

Maia got a pair of clothes from the newest member of the pack, Leila Haryana and they had a short conversation about loyalty to Luke. Maia then talked to Bat about wanting to tell Rufus off. They found him talking to the pack. Rufus hit Maia and Bat told Rufus to leave, as he was a guest and he had overstayed his welcome. Rufus challenged Bat for leadership of the pack in the absence of Luke and Bat accepted. Bat walked out of the station and Maia followed after him. She tried to convince Bat to refuse Rufus' challenge, but Bat told her that a challenge have to be accepted. Bat wanted Maia to leave town for her own safety and gave her Jordan's keys to his truck. He admitted to Maia that he still had feelings for her and that it didn't work out with Eve, which startled and bewildered her.

Maia went back to Jordan and Simon's apartment and changed back to her normal clothes. She grabbed a vial of holy water which she held in her pocket as the doorbell rang and there was a vampire, Lily, whom she called. Maia told Lily that Sebastian was targeting the Downworlders, and she made the suggestion that the vampires and werewolves should form an alliance. Lily left as she told Maia that when she would become the pack leader to call her. Maia decided to go and interfere in the challenge for pack leader.

Bat and Rufus had their challenge for leadership of the pack at Prospect Park with Leila acting as their referee. Rufus got an upper hand on Bat and nearly killed him, when Maia arrived and issued a challenge to Rufus despite Leila's objection, as she wouldn't be able to stop the fight. Maia threw dirt and grass into Rufus's eyes temporarily blinding him as she sank her claws into his eyes and brain killing him. Maia became the new leader of the New York werewolf pack. She went over to Bat, who spoke to her and commented that she fought dirty.

Fully accepting of Maia as the new leader of the pack, Bat explained to her the wolf pack administrations. The warlocks, Malcolm Fade and Catarina Loss told Maia, Bat and the rest of the pack about Luke and the other Downworld representatives including Jocelyn being kidnapped by Sebastian. Catarina and Malcolm decided to help Maia to convince the other Downworlders to side with the Nephilim against Sebastian and also sending a message to the Shadowhunters. Maia wrote a note to Lily as she wanted to meet with Maureen and sent one of young cubs to deliver the message.

Bat along with some of the younger wolf cubs accompanied Maia to meet with Maureen at the Toys R Us store. Maia talked to Maureen about Sebastian and them having to work together against him. However, Maureen wanted to side with Sebastian against the Shadowhunters as she believed he would win the war. Maia agreed with Maureen to side against the Shadowhunters despite Bat's objection. She made Maureen drink her blood to seal the deal. Maureen turned into ashes and died as Maia had put holy water into her veins which was a plot for Lily to take over the New York vampire clan.

Maia and Lily, the new leader of the vampire clan, along with Bat talked about the alliance between the werewolves and vampires at the police station, although, Bat had a slight problem with vampires. They discussed that if the Shadowhunters weren't in Idris and then the Downworlders would do whatever they wanted. Malcolm arrived at the station and told that Catarina needed their help at the hospital, as she had a demon problem and also told them to bring a cage.

Maia, Bat and Lily arrived with a cage at Beth Israel hospital's morgue. Maia and Bat worked together to temporarily subdue the dandelion demon with Catarina's magic. Lily filmed the incident to show that the Shadowhunters were needed in the world to get rid of the demons. Maia, Bat, Lily and Catarina learned from the dandelion demon that Sebastian and his army would attack Alicante.

Maia wrote a note to the Consul, Jia Penhallow which was send by Catarina by fire message. Maia warned Jia that Sebastian and his Endarkened army would be attacking Alicante.

After the Dark War, Maia had moved into Jordan and Simon's old apartment and planned on going through their things. But she happened to look at the package she received from the Consul, which included a letter with a bronze seal of the Praetor Lupus with the words "Begin again". In addition to being the new leader of the New York werewolf pack, Maia would also have the responsibility of restarting the Praetor Lupus and being the new werewolf representative on the Council.

Maia along with their friends and the other Shadowhunters and Downworlders attended Jocelyn and Luke's wedding at Three Arrows Farm. Due to the new alliance with the vampire clan, Maia invited Lily and the other vampires of the clan. She was seen talking to Aline and hugged Simon when he showed up at the wedding. Maia and Bat with their friends - Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, Alec and Magnus went down by the lake. Maia and Bat were both seemingly putting effort into resuming their previous relationship when they were seen holding hands near the lake at the end.[5]

After the Dark War, Maia and Bat helped to reestablish the Praetor Lupus, and they also might open up a nightclub together. Also, Maia got her GED and a degree in business studies from Brooklyn College, and she got a second tattoo of the wolfsbane plant, Aconitum.[6]

Personality and traits

Maia is a brave, determined, and enthusiastic werewolf, often described as a headstrong werewolf who is passionate about the ones she love. Maia is also sarcastic and quite humorous. It is stated that it is difficult to earn her trust. Because of her experiences with her abusive older brother, who usually went unpunished because he looked so innocent to their parents, Maia is initially wary of beautiful people, as is reinforced when she took an instant dislike to Jace.

Physical description

Codex Maia

Maia drawn by Clary Fray (Cassandra Jean) in her copy of the Codex.

Maia Roberts is a curvy biracial teenager with light brown skin, amber eyes, and curly, brown-gold hair. She has a tattoo of a butterfly on her back and a big scar on her neck from where she was bitten.

Skills and abilities

  • Lycanthropy: Being a werewolf, Maia possesses the ability to transform into a wolf. Along with the ability to Change, she gained enhanced strength and speed, more grace in her movements, and accelerated healing ability.


Love interests

Tarot 18

Maia and Kyle

You're mine now. You'll always be mine.

–Jordan to Maia after Turning her, City of Ashes

Jordan Kyle was Maia's boyfriend. During the first time they dated, Jordan was Turned into a werewolf. Driven by the changes he was experiencing as a new werewolf, Jordan became abusive and temperamental, scaring Maia. On his first full moon, Jordan bit and Turned Maia. Although Jordan had no control over himself and immediately came to regret this, the Praetor Lupus prevented him from seeing her.

Years after their last encounter, Jordan found Maia with a new vampire, Simon, whom he accepted as an assignment for the Praetor so he can be close to Maia. Eventually, they reunited, bitterly as Maia still held a grudge against him for Turning her and then disappearing. Eventually though, Maia forgave him and they became amicable and reconciled through their friends, although Maia still struggled internally regarding her feelings for him. After sharing a kiss and traveling to the Praetor Lupus together, they finally mended their relationship and got back together.

However, Maia found herself unable to fully forget the things she had associated to Jordan for so long. She felt that Jordan saw her as part of his path to forgiveness and redemption and decided to breakup with him. Before she could get around to telling him, however, he died by the hands of Sebastian Morgenstern.

Bat says I shouldn't be so hard on you. He says guys do stupid things when girls are involved. Especially geeky ones who previously haven't had much luck with women.

–Maia to Simon, City of Fallen Angels

Maia seemed to get along well with Simon the most out of the group, and develops a crush on him. Although later—after getting attacked by a demon—she finds out he is a vampire, she wanted to kill him explaining that vampires and werewolves have a history of not getting along. But when Maia leaves Luke's apartment to see Simon to apologize for nearly attacking him, she is kidnapped by Valentine Morgenstern so he can use her werewolf blood in a spell, and then he kidnaps Simon shortly after as well. Later on, it seems as if the two had kindled their relationship, as the two were hanging out. After the Mortal War was over, they went to the victory party together.

For a while, she was in a non-exclusive relationship with Simon, who was also dating Isabelle at the same time in a similar fashion. She and Isabelle found out about Simon's "cheating" at one of his band's performances and both broke up with him. Eventually, she stopped being angry at him, and even admitted that Simon technically did not cheat on them. The pair remained good friends and strong allies.

Bat and Maia dated for a brief time after Maia came to New York. With the pain from her experiences with Jordan still quite fresh, she felt that she was not ready for a serious relationship and broke up with Bat. Bat gave her her space and even began dating a witch named Eve. Later, after Jordan's death, Bat comforted and stayed with Maia throughout her grief, as well as when Maia became the new leader of the pack. Slowly, the pair rekindled their relationship to a point where Maia felt comfortable enough to at least let Bat hold her hand.


Daniel was Maia's older brother who used to abuse her before his death. When Daniel died in an accident, Maia could not bring herself to mourn for him.

Maia did not seem particularly close or attached to her parents, both of whom had favored Daniel, unaware of his true behavior. When Maia tried to convince her parents of his abusive behavior, they did not believe her.




  • Apparently, while neither seemed to be aware, months before they were formally introduced, Maia had encountered Clary at the Pandemonium Club the night she saw the Shadowhunters kill a demon. Maia was dancing when Clary, pointing at Jace and Alec Lightwood, almost hit her. Maia glared at her and Clary subsequently apologized.[7]
  • In some old copies of City of Ashes, Daniel is referred to as Maia's twin brother.
  • Maia is set to be with Bat.[8]


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