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Magnus' mother was a half-Dutch and half-Indonesian woman who gave birth to Magnus Bane as a result of an encounter with a Prince of Hell named Asmodeus.


She was the daughter of a Dutch colonialist and an Indonesian woman who died in childbirth.[1][2] Eventually, she married a colonial. At one point, the demon Asmodeus tricked her into thinking he was her husband and slept with her.[3]

After Magnus was born, she and her husband raised him in their farm in the Dutch East Indies. For a while, they believed him to be their child. It was only years later when Magnus's eyes suddenly changed to resemble a cat's, his developed warlock mark, did she realize that Magnus was the son of a demon.[4] Being churchgoing folk, she and her husband feared him, and she eventually hung herself, scared of what she had unwittingly given birth to.[5] Though unexplained exactly how, Asmodeus apparently had a part to play in her death.[6]

Physical description

She was said to have looked like Magnus.[2]