Madran is an ifrit who works at a drug den that sells mostly demon drugs and faerie powders and is run by warlocks.


Their ifrit den was often frequented by Shadowhunter Will Herondale in the 1870s. It is from them that he often purchased yin fen for his sick friend, Jem Carstairs.

In July '78, Jem himself arrived at the den in search of Will, who had stayed over after an evening of gorging himself with their opium. Madran was among the ifrits inside at the time, sitting around a table packing drugs with his fellow warlocks and ifrits. Madran seemed to immediately recognize Jem, or was at least familiar with his predicament, and told the woman that let them in that what Jem needed was yin fen—and that they had a supply of it, though limited. Jem refused their offer.

Physical description

Like most, if not all, ifrits, Madran has red skin, short black hair, and blue-black talons.


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