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Lottery invitation, LM

Invitation to the August Lottery

Also known as: Lottery of Favor
Date of occurrence: Once every month (ended)
Location: The Midnight Theater
Participants: Followers of the Guardian
Purpose: To select a member of the Followers to kill someone
Significance: Used to procure Hands of Glory
Part Supernatural? You're not alone. The Followers of the Guardian want you to sign up for the Lottery of Favor! Let luck into your life!

–Lottery ad, Lady Midnight

The Lottery was a monthly event carried out by the Followers of the Guardian.


The Lottery was devised by Malcolm Fade as a means of procuring the Hands of Glory, though his followers—who knew him only as the Guardian—were led to believe that it simply granted good fortune to the winner, in exchange for killing someone and giving up their hand.


Every month an invitation was sent to the Followers of the Guardian, containing the time, location and dress code for the ceremony—typically a semi-formal event. The members would arrive and mingle until the beginning of the performance was to begin, at which point they would take their seats. Once everyone was seated, the Lottery machine would spit out a ball with a color—denoting rank—and a number. The member chosen would stand to be acknowledged, and the rules would be explained: the chosen had two days of freedom before the hunt began, during which they would have to kill someone or be killed themselves; no help or interference was allowed.

Once the chosen follower had successfully murdered someone, the killer and the body would immediately be taken to the convergence site in Los Angeles through a fire made by the Guardian. The killer's hand would be taken, and the members would see a fake ritual done on the "sacrifice" that would strengthen them all through sympathetic magic; according to Casper Sterling, the winner would be thanked by the Guardian at the convergence and would be given whatever they wanted in exchange.

Unbeknownst to the members, the fortunes they received after winning the Lottery were staged. Fade employed Johnny Rook to set up arrangements that would convince his Followers that they had received luck, or whatever it was they wished for after winning the Lottery.


The winner of the first Lottery was a woman who called herself Belinda Belle.

The final Lottery was held on August 11, 2012; it was overseen by Belinda, who welcomed the guests at the door and served as the master of ceremonies. According to her, the Guardian was unable to attend that evening as a security measure.

CJ Jem 06
“I cannot be sure, though I think it has something to do with
the clarity of them.”

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The Los Angeles Shadowhunters infiltrated the last Lottery and witnessed the ceremony, mistaking the chosen member as being marked for death. They attempted to find and keep him safe, only to discover that he was in fact a killer. He completed the hunt but was captured by them before the Guardian could retrieve him. The Shadowhunters learned of the true reasons behind the Lottery when they confronted Malcolm Fade, and eventually fought and destroyed the Followers and killed Malcolm, ending the Lottery.


A list of the winners of the Lotteries, in order of the kill, and their victims.

Winners Victims
*Malcolm Fade (The Guardian) † *John and Cordelia Carstairs † (failed sacrifices)
Belinda BelleUnnamed victim †
Ten unnamed winners † Ten other victims †
Ava LeighStanley Wells
Casper SterlingWren

* Though this murder was not part of the Lottery per se, it is included in this list because their deaths were sacrificial, for the same end purpose as the others.


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