The London werewolf pack is a pack of werewolves based in London. For a long time, the pack was led by the Scotts, particularly Ralf and Woolsey Scott.


In 1878, several members of the pack were recruited and tricked by Axel Mortmain into working for him, as well as buying and consuming yin fen to speed up their work. Eventually, several members began dying due to the drug. Desperate for someone to blame, they chose to believe that the whole affair was due to Mortmain's grudge against the Shadowhunters, and that they were just collateral damage. In support of this, four members of the pack confronted the Shadowhunter Will Herondale at Green Man Inn; one died in the encounter, and the other three were overpowered by Will. The fight was only, barely, stopped by their pack leader, Woolsey.[1]

Known members