The London Shadow Market is a common Shadow World haunt and marketplace in London. It is co-owned by the warlock Hypatia Vex.


The London Shadow Market is located at the southern end of London Bridge, accessible by descending a flight of stairs to reach the space below the bridge's railway lines. It is glamoured to appear as a closed-down fruit and vegetable market to mundanes.


The London Shadow Market is a place where Downworlders and some Sighted mundanes buy, sell, and trade certain wares and skills such as sorcery and illegal demon powders.

Inside the market and past the glamour, some stalls actually use the market stalls used as the physical cover of the market for mundanes. Some stands or booths have tents, but most are colorful and lively, advertising their goods.


There are stalls at the Market that sell enchanted masks, vintage and flavored blood for vampires, and Shadowhunter-repelling charms; apothecaries sold magical powders and tinctures.

In 2012, there were a variety of stalls, including one where a witch tattooed with multicolored scales was hawking spell books, another with pale white hair selling bottles of silvery powder, possibly yin fen. A stall also exists for mundanes who offer themselves as "willing victims" for vampires to be fed off of, and another stall, with the sign "RAW BAR", where werewolves sell fresh animal carcasses.[1]

Known residents


  • Faeries do not frequent the London Shadow Market; instead, there are small species of faeries being sold in bird cages made of wrought iron, presumed to be wanted for their blood and bones.[1]


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