London Shadow Market
Type: Marketplace
Status: Active
Location: London, England


The London Shadow Market is a common Shadow World haunt and marketplace in London. It is co-owned by the warlock Hypatia Vex.


The London Shadow Market is located at the southern end of London Bridge, accessible by descending a a flight of stairs to reach the space below the London Bridge railway lines. It is glamoured to resemble a conventional fruit and vegetable market.


As with the Los Angeles Shadow Market, the London Shadow Market is a place where Downworlders and some Sighted mundanes buy, sell, and trade certain wares and skills such as sorcery and illegal demon powders.


Stalls at the Market also sell enchanted masks, vintage blood for vampires, magical powders and tinctures, spell books and Shadowhunter-repelling charms.[1]

A stall also exists for vampires to pay mundanes to feed off of, in addition to a stall for werewolves to buy bloody meat.

Known Residents

  • Shade
  • Hypatia Vex (co-owner)
  • Numerous vampires
  • White-haired werewolf
  • Unnamed tattooed witch
  • Unnamed gray-haired witch


  • Yin fen is also possibly sold at the Market, as Kit Herondale noticed a werewolf with thin, pale white hair selling silver powder during his visit there with the Blackthorn twins.
  • Faeries do not frequent the London Shadow Market, and are instead sold in little iron bird cages for their blood and bones.


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