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Codex Lilith
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Alias: Satrina Kendall
Species: Greater Demon
Title: Mother of Warlocks
Residence: Earth (originally)
Affiliation: Demons
Physical Description
Gender: Female

Lilith is a Greater Demon who is credited as the mother of all warlocks and the "first of all demons".[1]

Lilith is known by many names, including Lady of Edom, Ita, Kali, Batna, Talto, Satrina, Abito, Amizo, Izorpo, Kokos, Odam, Podo, Eilo, Patrota, Abeko, Kea, and Partash.[1][2]

History Edit

Lilith was originally created as a wife for Adam out of the Earth; however, she would not obey him or God and so was cast out of the Garden of Eden and was replaced by Eve. According to Jewish folklore, from which most of her folklore is sourced, Lilith was punished for her disobedience by being made unable to bear children, or at least birthing infants who die upon birth. Lilith is further associated with the harming and weakening of human babies.

Shortly afterwards, she entered into a relationship with the Fallen Angel Sammael, and their relationship corrupted her into the first demon to have been originally human.

Sammael and Lilith later traversed the Earth siring demons in the lands they visited and promoting the creation of warlocks and witches and faeries. Eventually, she and her lover created one demon too many, and Heaven, recognizing the danger the growing demon horde posed to a still young humanity, declared war on all of demonkind and drove them from the Earth and into the Void. To ensure that demons could not simply return things to the status quo antebellum upon the withdrawal of Heaven's forces from the Earth, the angels altered the Earth in such a way as to make it hostile to a demon's very presence on it, and strengthened the barriers between the Earth and the Void. Should even a powerful demon such as Sammael or Lilith manage to force a return to the Earth, they could only remain for hours at most before they withered away and their essence was pulled back into the Void.

This state of things wasn't to last, however, as Sammael and Lilith devised a means by which to counter the effects of Heaven's alteration of the Earth and it's increased barriers between them and the Earth. In a ritual around the year 1000, Sammael and Lilith drastically weakened the Veil between the dimensions, greatly strengthening all of demonkind's immunity to the Earth's environment. Once more would Lilith and Sammael's brood be able to walk the Earth in great numbers.

Their victory was short-lived, however, as Sammael was soon hunted down and slain by a furious Michael. A hundred years or so later, Raziel created the race of Nephilim, beginning with Jonathan, to combat the darkness seeping out from the Void.[2]

London, Victorian Era Edit

Lilith was in a sexual relationship with Benedict Lightwood, contributing to his contraction of Demon Pox. She was seen with Benedict at his on party in the Lightwood mansion, where Tessa Gray described her as a demon woman with snakes for eyes.

Partnership with Valentine Edit

Some time in the '90s, Lilith was summoned by the young and ambitious Shadowhunter Valentine Morgenstern. Lilith agreed to give Valentine her blood for his experiments, and Lilith took an interest in the unborn child Valentine had been giving her blood to, knowing he will be a powerful being—more powerful than all the Greater Demons and more mighty than the Asmodei, according to her. Lilith has since kept tabs on Jonathan, who she sees as her own son.

New York, 2007 Edit

At Alicante, Clary and Jace have a shared vision from the Angel Ithuriel of Lilith giving Valentine her blood and telling her the adverse effects her blood would have on his son and Jocelyn's son.

During the battle of Brocelind Plain, Lilith went through the portal Valentine opened into Idris out of curiosity. She witnessed Valentine's death, as well as the revival of Jace. Worried about "her son", Lilith rushed over to his body and took him with her, knowing that she could find a way to bring him back as Jace's revival could pave the way for Jonathan's revival, to restore balance between Light and Dark.

Jace, having been reborn, lacks the protective charms that would ward off evil. Taking advantage of this, Lilith began sending Jace dreams that trouble him. Before the Silent Brothers could do something about this, Lilith gave Jace the dream that would change everything: she shows him his late adoptive brother Max Lightwood, who tells Jace that he was sent from Heaven. Giving him a Stele, Lilith, through the vision of Max, told him to mark himself with a rune that would unwittingly bind him to Jonathan.

Around the same time, Lilith sends men to bring him the Daylighter Simon Lewis, and the only one who returned told her of holy fire and the wrath of God that killed her other men. Knowing that she might have to take him herself, she went to him in the guise of band promoter Satrina Kendall, came to Simon Lewis and gives him her business card, claiming to be interested in their band. It was then that she saw what had been protecting him from her men—the Mark of Cain, a mark she is familiar with for apparently knowing Cain personally, on his forehead.

Fearing retribution from the Mark, Lilith, realizing that she cannot force him to do what she wants on her own, abducts Maureen Brown, the mundane he had just bitten. She has Camille Belcourt kill her to turn her into a vampire, and orders her to escort Simon to her lair. There she reveals that it was her who ordered Camille to murder the four Shadowhunters and that she is behind the dead demon babies, which her followers have been killing for her.

Lilith then told Simon to revive Jonathan by feeding him his blood. Since the other Shadowhunters tracked Simon to her lair, Llith confronted them in battle and proved too powerful. About to whip Clary, Simon jumped between them to protect Clary. The Mark of Cain then takes effect and destroys Lilith by "sevenfold".

She was ultimately successful though, as Jonathan is revived because the rune on Jace compelled him to give Jonathan his blood; the mixture of their blood bound them in a demonic version of the parabatai bond.

Lilith is eventually summoned back to Earth by Jonathan in her dimension. However, she is still too weak to completely reform, but she managed to provide her blood for the Infernal Cup, for the creation of Dark Shadowhunters.

Appearances Edit

Physical description Edit

Lilith is described as beautiful, except that she has black snakes protruding from her otherwise hollow eye sockets. She has long, shining black hair, her shape slim and lovely, and her skin white.

Trivia Edit

  • The Church of Talto houses a cult that worships Lilith and murders infants for her.

References Edit

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