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Lightwood family
Alec, Isabelle, Max, and Jace

Known 21st century Lightwood children

Status: Extant
Species: Shadowhunters
Notable Members: Gabriel Lightwood
Gideon Lightwood
Tatiana Lightwood
Alec Lightwood
Isabelle Lightwood
Jace Lightwood (adopted)

Max Lightwood

Affiliation: Herondale family
Trueblood family
Blackthorn family
Allegiance: The Clave

The Lightwoods are a very old and very powerful family of Shadowhunters. They are members of the Clave, and the living family members currently all reside in the New York Institute. During the 1800s, they lived in London. They are known for their snobbish attitudes and disdain towards Downworlders and mundanes, though over time, they have become more tolerant of Downworlders. The members of the family often have Hebrew or biblical names.

The Lightwoods, as such an old family, have a great deal of wealth. They have lived in London, Idris, and New York at different periods of time, often with high positions in the Clave.

Known members Edit

Living in 19th century London:

Other Lightwoods:

Living in 21st century New York:

Lineage Edit

Benedict L.
Barbara P.
Gabriel L.
Cecily H.
Gideon L.
Sophie C.
Tatiana L.
Rupert B.
Barbara L.
Eugenia L.
Thomas L.
Anna L.
Christopher L.
Grace C.
Alexander L.
Catia M.
Isidore L.
Phoebe G.
Andrew L.
Robert L.
Maryse T.
Alec L.
Isabelle L.
Max L.

Symbol Edit

Lightwood ring

The symbol of the Lightwood family, as seen on the surfaces of their rings and the blazon on their coat of arms, are flames.

Trivia Edit

  • Benedict Lightwood brought shame to the family name when it was discovered that he had contracted Demon Pox, an illness only contracted from inappropriate relations with demons.
  • Robert and Maryse Lightwood were members of the Circle, a group of Shadowhunters sworn to wipe out Downworlders and reform the Clave. Since then, they have reformed and allied themselves with Downworlders and the Clave.

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